My Thankful Heart...

I have many family and friends that I join each November in remembering what I am thankful for each day. It is so easy to always remember the negatives, the things that make you mad or frustrated.  It's easy to remember sadness and pain.  So... why is it so hard to remember the good stuff?

I am blessed, I know I am!  I am thankful for pretty much everything in my life, I always feel that even the struggles have been there to provide a lesson.  I have tried to learn from all of them, knowing that many I won't learn from until far too late.  It is only in the reflection that the silver lining shows up.

I am an optimist, my clouds always have silver linings.  Yep, I am sappy like that.  That doesn't mean I won't cry bitter tears of disappointment and hurt.  And that doesn't mean my glasses are rose colored.  For the most part I am a realist.  I simply don't see my cup as half empty, it is half full.

I had the most awesome opportunity to visit with a sweet, dear friend.  Someone that I really cherish, and she even came bringing me a vanilla coke from Sonic - my favorite! I never get to visit with her, I met her through work and most of our conversations are limited to Facebook chats, because at work we can only steal snippets of time.

She is amazing!  I worried terribly for her a few years back.  She had attracted a huge black cloud that brought her some really horrible times.  She still smiled, and the sweet her was still there, it was just hard to watch her work her way through it all. But work through it she did!!  She sparkles like a sunrise on snow now.  Her smile is so big and bright, she's been through hell and come out on the other side, and honestly I could not possibly be happier for her if I tried.

Visiting with her today, I felt like I was remembering falling in love with Hubby.  Personally, I find that finding your true love after heartbreak and sadness means you really find the right person.  You are more cautious, moving along slower and learning more.  Not willing to make the same mistakes and you find that common ground, that deep meaning, you find the parts that you were missing.

I am thankful to her for visiting today, because she reminded me of the beauty and preciousness that comes after that horrible scorched earth feeling of losing what feels like everything.  And then you turn around to find, you only lost what you needed to lose to find the parts you needed.

I love reaching down deep in my memories finding all those things I am thankful for.  My hubby, my children, my beautiful grand daughter, my fur babies, my dear friends.  All the things that make my life full and rich.  I am thankful for the skills that the Lord gave to me, having a job, and a home.  I am thankful for so much, my life is full of treasures that I am very blessed to have.

Do you have a thankful heart?  Can you find your silver lining in the darkest clouds?

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