Happy Halloween!!

I miss Halloween... the first year I lived here I was still delusional, I put out lights and pumpkins, decorated, bought bags of candy... and waited...

Eleven Halloween's later I am still waiting, although I am more realistic now and no longer buy bags and bags of candy.  I bought a single bag.  I took it to work and gave it out to the adults.  It made me feel a bit better, but sadly none of them came in costume.  Unless those really are costumes?

I miss seeing the littles, and not so littles, all dressed up in their costumes.  With their bright smiling faces and their adorable little treat bags.  I miss it.  It seems like Halloween is fading away.  When my son and the twins were younger at least the neighborhood behind us was decorated and most folks trick or treated.  Now it seems, at least where I live, that very few kids dress up and trick or treat anymore.

I understand.  This crazy world is getting a bit more frightening every year.  Trunk or Treat's are growing.  Neighborhoods simply aren't the same.

I miss it.  I miss making a ghoulish dinner, maybe monster hands (made from chicken breasts) draped over a mound of bloody brains (spaghetti), served with a wicked green brew to drink and severed fingers for dessert.  I miss carving pumpkins and lighting them with tea lights, toasting the seeds for a yummy, healthy treat to serve later when the sugar rush had faded.

I miss helping the kids dress up, and considering if I will dress up too (yep, I usually did... usually as a witch - what does that say about me?) face paint and colored hair sprays. Last minute adjustments and modifications to work around the weather.

It makes me sad.

I have decorations, but somehow they don't make it out of the box.  Gator and Neeko aren't impressed by the jack o'lanterns or the howling ghosts. Grand daughter doesn't live close any longer, so she wouldn't have even seen it.

I hate that Halloween has become a lightening rod politically and religiously, the fun and silliness is gone.  Where is the hot cider?  Gingersnaps?  Spooky music?  In our quest for political correctness we are killing things that brought neighborhoods together. 

I hope that my daughter's neighborhood did what she hoped they would.  I hope there was chili, small fire pit fires, kids in costumes, laughter and fun.  And at least a few good scares to make it worth the fright. I hope that the dying off of Halloween is only in my neighborhood.  I hope that most of the country is enjoying the fun and silliness of it all.  I hope that they are remembering that it is just that... fun and silly!


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