Friends, Fun and Fires...

Bonfire and moon... what a couple!
Someone turned the heat off.  Earlier in the week it was almost too warm to be classified as October, much less Autumn.  Yesterday... did not measure up to those incredibly warm days that are now rapidly forgotten.  As I grudgingly agreed that the heat needed turned on, at least to 65, my fingers freezing and toes slightly tinged blue.  I couldn't help but marvel at the way nature rapidly changes our world.

I personally love the cooler, ok - cold, weather.  A few of my joints disagree with me, but who is going to listen to those?  I mean seriously!  If I listened to aches and pains, I would have quit life back in 1997.

The rain of yesterday morning, gave way to a beautiful Autumn day.  The picnic was so much fun, if a little cold under the pavilion with the sun blocked and those silly breezes (yeah lets call them breezes).  I was just grateful for my wristers that I had brought - decided I need a pair in alpaca (light and super warm) as my hands were able to stay warm even if the rest of me wasn't.

Hubby had volunteered to call bingo, silly me thought I was going to play.  But bingo calling really is a tag team sport, someone had to protect all those silly tiny balls from those "breezes"... It was great fun!  Sure maybe after an hour of freezing we weren't exactly playing "regulation" bingo, but who cares?  There were tons of prizes and everyone was having a blast.  And isn't that what it is really about?

We ended up staying later than we planned, visiting with friends and co-workers we don't see often.  Hubby even won a great prize!  A weekend at Trout Lodge - how fun is that?  It's beautiful down there and we love to spend time there.

As the sun was setting we headed down out to our friend's pig roast and bonfire.  Wow!  That is all I can say about that!  WOW!  It was almost a two hour drive, but worth every minute.  I have never been to a bonfire that requires a bob cat to stir the embers and load the logs (umm... maybe I mean the trees).  There was a hayride, more food than you can even begin to imagine, pups running everywhere, a bounce house for the kids, it was simply a great time.

We met some super people, and Brian is such a gracious person and amazing host that even though I knew so few people I didn't feel like an outsider.  In fact that was a group of people I fit right in with. I guess my country heart felt at home.

I would have loved to see his place in the daylight, we will have to make another trip back. I can tell you under that super bright moon, lit by a fire and lights, it was quite a sight to behold!  I understand why he runs out there every chance he gets.  I would too, 160 acres in the middle of nowhere is pretty darn spectacular!

Driving hubby home last night, I was singing off key to my favorite country songs, absorbing the beauty of the moon and stars and thinking about what a great day it had ended up being!

Sarah came by in the morning, it was the first time I personally had socialized with her outside of work, she is a delightful person!  And even the awkwardness of the past didn't bother me.  I enjoyed having her visit (and we all know I am not that sociable).

Followed by a great afternoon with one of my "b's" (yes I noticed the other was missing... we shall have to talk about that missy), friends that I don't see often and lots of pups.  Then on to the fun of standing around a HUGE bonfire with so many folks that were like me, sharing my values and the things I hold dear. Watching hubby have a great time and enjoy a few nice cold beers, loving on even more pups. 

Ending back at home as Sunday crept quietly into the length of the day... snuggled up with my pups who had missed me... it was an amazing, wonderful, friend filled day!

Wonder what joy today has in store?  I am sure there is plenty!

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