Slowing down... for a minute...

Daddy... Have I mentioned I love you?
A steaming cup of Vanilla Red Rooibos tea, warm flannel pj's and hubby's soft snore as he drifts on the couch waiting for his favorite show to start.  Perfect end to the week and weekend.

Today was a slightly better day, all in all it wasn't a terrible weekend, and it was a good learning experience.  I am going to look into setting up a shop on the Square Market.  Still debating on the Etsy site.  I have met so many people that have a wide variety of experience with it that I am still thinking about it. We will see.

Once we wrapped up today, Hubby and my son helped me pack it all up and head home.  We hadn't been home long when Hubby took me for a nice long motorcycle ride.  The sun was setting as we headed home.  It was the perfect way to unwind.  The cool October breeze, the brilliant colors as the sun drifted below the horizon, the fields in various stages of being harvested, and the silence of the small mid-western towns that surround us. It is so hard to remember sometimes that even though I live in a busy city area, very near to me they are rolling up the streets at six o'clock at night.  It was perfect!

Tomorrow I will jump back into work.  So many things are getting ready to start, it will be a busy time.  I am hoping to take a few more vacation days this year.  A chance to enjoy the time of year that I love so much!

I have the opportunity to go to a few more shows this year.  One is appealing to me and I will be considering it.  It's close to Christmas and I am thinking it would be a lot of fun. I just need to think about it. It's going to be a busy time of year at work, I just need to decide if I can make it work in my schedule.  Without making myself feel an overwhelming need to run and hide.

I have the opportunity to make a gift for a fund raiser for a little baby girl, she's only 8 months old, and fighting cancer.  I told the woman to send me an email with where to deliver it, I want to be able to help do something for such a good cause.  I pray that she is healing.

We need love... isn't it time for bed?

There is another cup of tea calling my name and then it's off to bed to snuggle my boys... they are acting completely love starved.  I hope everyone else has had the time to enjoy a wonderful activity this fall.

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