What is happening?

Is it only me or do the weekends seem to fly by at the speed of light? Hubby and I usually have so much we want to accomplish on the weekend, things that we simply do not have time to even think about over the course of the week.  And it seems like squeezing all of that in, means very little down time. 

Yesterday we had to go and do our grocery shopping for the week.  We had planned on it for Saturday, but the day got away from us.  We blinked and it ran for the hills.  So yesterday was catch up day.  Hubby cleaned the kitchen and cooked, so I could work on all the orders I have for hats.  At some point we had to go shopping.  We stalled, put it off, got creative... everything we could think of... it finally came down to it, we simply had to go. 

With great reluctance we chose Walmart, uggghhh I hate that store! Unfortunately in our area it is the only store that carries the dog food my boys like, and since I had to go anyhow... It seemed everyone in the city had the same idea.  It was crazy busy.

As I was looking at my grocery list, hoping to find everything I needed and still have a few dollars left I realized something.  We should all be very, very worried.  Long ago I had quit shopping at Schnucks, they were crazy expensive, and I couldn't make my dollars stretch far enough when we still had a houseful of kids. I usually shop at Aldi's, it works with my personal mindset of less is more.  I am okay with bagging my own stuff and bringing my own bags when it saves me money and is better for the environment.

Walmart it was.... First stop produce, it is apple season, and I am a huge fan of buying in season.  I figured they would be less costly and fresher.  Oh, they are fresh and crisp and perfect... a small bag, not even large enough to make a full pie cost $4.95... what???  It seems just last year they were only $2.50 a bag.  That is double.  We won't be having a lot of fresh apples this year.  And I will dry them out before I will let them get mushy that's for sure.

It seemed that everything I picked up had risen, almost to double.  I had found a wonderful recipe for sweet potato soup with bacon.  It looked so good and I really wanted to make it for hubby and I.  Well, no sweet potatoes and the bacon... well lets just say I almost fainted.  The small package I used to buy for less than $5, and it was pricey at that - a treat, was $8.95. 

Are we sleeping?  How are we missing the fact that everything is costing us so much more?  I am hating that I didn't have the time to get a full garden planted this year around the weather.  That won't be happening again!  Hubby and I are going to find the time to get my green house built this fall, it simply has to happen.

How much higher is it going to go?  I am concerned for our country.  I worry.  Is it only here in the mid-west? I simply don't get it.  I make no secret of the fact that I like Glenn Beck and listen to The Blaze, for years he's been warning about this. I really thought the man was a nut about the inflation, I thought he was being a bit of a fear monger, I mean really?  A nickle or dime more for milk, eggs and basics wasn't so bad.  I mean after all look at the difference since the 50's.  Those aren't nickles and dimes, those are dollars.  Lots of dollars.  In less than a years time...

I can't change it. I have to learn how to live with it.  This is not what I expected after a life time of working hard, I really figured I would be able to not pinch pennies by now.  Guess not.  I think the part that made me the most concerned, was watching the people in line with tons of name brands (the stuff that I wouldn't consider putting in my cart too expensive), things that really don't contain much real food, etc and they were paying with their EBT card. 

I am all for lending helping hands, I don't want anyone to go without the basics, but I am struggling to make my ends meet and my hubby and I work long hours.  I am feeling a great deal of frustration right now.  My taxes keep going up, my health insurance is costing me more each year, I spend hours making hats and other items to make a little extra so we can have a good life.  And the person in line in front of me was wearing designer clothing, buying all the name brands and got picked up at the door in their Cadillac Escalade.  And they paid for it all with an EBT card and WIC.  I guess I should feel better about the fact that they were shopping at Walmart so that those dollars bought more of the good stuff.

I am not a selfish or envious person.  But seriously?  It is supposed to be a hand up, not a career option.  I am struggling with where our country is heading.  Groceries are going higher everyday, just got the notice that my water and sewer has gone up (it's that time of year again -  seriously that is what the letter said), my mortgage insurance has gone up again, and no one else notices this in their own world?  Is it only in this area?

Will the day come that we are the Wiemar Republic?  Will we need a wheelbarrow full of money just to buy a loaf for bread?  Will our dollars be worth so little?

I believe in personal responsibility... I think we are abdicating that in this country... YIKES!  I am completely struggling with this.  Today... I think it needs to go to God in prayer, whatever will happen will happen.

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