Warning... This is a Rant!

"This world keeps spinning faster to a new disaster"... Those words from a song are playing through my mind this morning.  I am worried about my country.  I am worried about the path we as a people are on, and I am more worried about the folks that simply don't want to pay attention.

I try very hard not to be political.  I don't sign up to campaign, I don't donate to politicians and I have a pretty firm belief in keeping an open mind.  I realize that not everyone shares my views, just as I don't share the same as the rest of the world.  That is what is so incredible about living in this country, we can all have our own ideas, beliefs, thoughts, etc and in practice we all work together to come up with a solution that we can all agree to live with.

I am doing a lot of research lately.  I don't trust the news media, they really lost me completely when the Two Million Bikers ride to DC in honor of all that lost their lives on September 11th garnered very little coverage.  Thank you Fox News for the few minutes you gave it, even though you couldn't get enough of Miley Cyrus acting like a fool on national television. The rest of the news media was simply crickets, sheer silence.  When the D.C. traffic camera's showed snow on the ground and empty streets why did our new media not step it up and ask the hard questions?

Oh I could go on for hours about the sickening fear so many in this country have. I hate to watch press conferences because they need to be renamed briefings.  Because that is what they are. No one is brave enough to ask the bullies at the podium what the country wants, needs and has a right to know.  They wouldn't dream of making them sweat!

I miss the days of news reporters that were willing to stand up, dig for the truth and report it.  Not caring about their popularity.  Not being bullied by politicians and others in control.  I miss the days when we were informed - at least a little bit.  Gotta say I was never really thrilled when they would go on for days about this one's prostate, or that one's sibling that had a problem with alcohol. 

I miss that we the people cannot be truly informed anymore.  I hate hearing the American people being called sheeple, but sadly that is what we are becoming.  A nation being led to slaughter, not a nation begin led by people that represent us and our wishes. 

I used to identify with one political party, I can tell you, I do not identify with either any longer.  They are basically the same.  Money and power hungry people that do not care who they destroy to get what they want.  Oh there are a few that care, there are a few that are fighting the good fight. But I fear it is too few to matter at this point.

I have spent my life in countries like what the politicians are trying to create here.  They are great countries, full of great people, but I never wanted to live like that.  Benjamin Franklin said "those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". He said those words way back in 1759That was 254 years ago.  Those words are just as true today. Maybe more so...

I haven't researched it yet and I chose not to believe a single source as information, seems a lot of stuff was happening in our nations capital this weekend.  I want to know why when I turned on the news last night, all that was playing was reruns of the normal weekend shows.  When the newscaster closes with see you again next Saturday, and it is Sunday, I simply have to believe that its not current.  At one point I even heard that internet signals and news feeds were being blocked. We don't do that in America.  We are a free people, and the right to free speech does not simply cover the people that want to publish porn and make vile movies.  It applies to all speech!

I am worried... I am afraid that we the people are heading down a very slippery slope.  That maybe, just maybe we have gone too far to come back up.  That we are letting a few people decide what is best for all of us, because we simply don't want the responsibility. 

I got a letter in the mail this weekend, telling me that I could no longer use my primary care doctor.  In fact, seems I spend a lot of money each month for insurance for my entire family and it's pretty much worthless. No doctors or hospitals want to accept it, and getting an appointment was already challenging in this area due to the fact that I live in one of two "lawsuit" capitals in the country. Doctors flee from this area in droves due to the extremely high cost of malpractice insurance and the huge odds of being sued. 

I completely agree we need healthcare reform.  Or maybe it is simply insurance reform.  But I do not agree that the government needs to run it... sorry folks... had government ran healthcare my whole life... boy are we in for a treat. I just happen to think the IRS is not an agency that has any business in anyone's healthcare, and that what is between me and my doctors is private.  I am so happy for our President and his cronies that they got their 2000 plus page bill on healthcare reform, my only question... why didn't anyone read it first? Something that impacts millions should never have been passed first, read later.  It should have been written, researched, studied, debated, discussed with the American people, revised and then repeat the whole process over until it was what we all agreed was good for all of us.  True we would never have complete agreement, but when included in the debate far more will support something that they don't completely agree with.

No one should be without healthcare, true, but everyone has always had the right and ability to purchase health insurance for themselves.  If you decide not to, that is not the responsibility of the entire country.

I am worried.  At what point do these transformations stop, when do we no longer look like ourselves?  When we look in the mirror do we still see American's?  Is our ability to dream still out there?  We are deliberately becoming uniformed, history is being rewritten and fed to our children, we were one of the leaders in education, now our children cannot compete on the global market.  Our kids struggle to get accepted into colleges in our own country, because they cannot compete academically with children from Asia and India.  We are succeeding in creating a lot of GenEd students, and not high academics, why is that? We value the wrong things in this country anymore, and it is terrifying!!

I have often heard Hubby say I am glad I am at the age I am.  Meaning that he won't have to see what we become.  It frightens me.  Because our children and grandchildren will. 

I don't believe that most of the American population fits into the tiny little boxes the politicians want us to.  I talk to friends that are devout democrats and I marvel at how much their beliefs fit mine.  I talk to friends that refuse to vote, because in their minds the lessor of two evils is still evil, and again they align pretty clearly with my beliefs.  I have friends that are far wealthier than I will ever be and I have friends that are struggling daily to survive.  They are every imaginable race, creed and gender.  They are all simply American's.  And the stuff I hear on the "news" - or propaganda machines - does not reflect our hopes, dreams, goals and plans.

We the People are good, strong, hard working, compassionate, loving, caring, devoted to home and country, nurturing, intelligent, giving, determined.  We are uplifting, empowered, and we will always be there for our fellow man.  We never needed the government to control or enslave us.  Not with excessive rules to justify their existence or "aid" to insure our bondage.  Long before the government found they could enslave us, we were insuring that we all took care of each other.  That is what made us the greatest country in the world.

Today... I am worried! I hope that my friends, family and neighbors know that I will always do everything I can to support and help you through this life.  I believe that is what humans do.  Whether the government is there or not, I will be. I will bring my skills, my labor and my love to the table in a time of need, whether large or small.  I pray that I can count on them to do the same.

I am worried that our country is broken, that we have inadvertently created a ruling class that makes it almost impossible for us to thrive and grow.

The optimist that I am hopes that We the People wake up.  That We the People find the strength and courage of our convictions and work together to heal our once great nation.  I am proud of the bikers, veterans, and truckers that are standing up... I hope before long We the People stand together and reclaim what is ours.

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