Home came to me...

Wow, can you believe it is already Wednesday??  The first two days of this week have flown by in an amazing mix of excitement, joy, anxiety, frustration, amazement and a million other things.

I was laughing on Monday when my horoscope arrived mid-day and told me that I was going to be so busy being pulled in a hundred different directions that staying focused was going to be darn near impossible. Was someone actually watching my day unfold?

I was concerned that it was a bad omen when I walked in to work and tried to boot up my computer.  It is always a challenge when I have been away for a few days, because everyone and their brother thinks my desk is open for everyone, so I was prepared for most things. Just not that someone felt the need to crawl under my desk and disconnect the power supply for the computer.  Nor for the fact that somehow in five days time my computer and I had developed a "not trusted relationship"... what???  The day was not looking promising.  Not at all, especially since that took over an hour to fix.  Were they trying to tell me something? (And no I don't work for the government...)

Somehow, in the midst of catching up, making up with my computer, fixing all the little snippets of things that needed to be paid attention too, and dealing with a few choice challenges (doesn't that sound much nicer than ugly problems?) I managed to miss a phone call, two actually.  These changed the course of the past 48 hours and I almost missed them.

It wasn't until I got a Facebook message... My Aunt and Uncle were heading my way!  Seriously??  I was like a 10 year old being told she was getting a pony (well if I were ever a 10 year old that had wanted a pony...)... it had been so long since I have seen most of my family, the last time I had seen any of my aunts or uncles was at my wedding.

I could not believe that they were going to head back to Pennsylvania via Illinois, it was only about seven hours out of the way. So if you think it is hard to concentrate when there are a hundred things pulling you in every direction, try concentrating knowing that your husband is already off for the day and you aren't and two of your favorite people are on their way to visit... ugghhhh!!

Luckily I work with an amazing staff team that understood completely, and after a few quick last minute things... I was heading home.  Yes, panic had set in when I remembered I had been gone for a few days, spent a few days playing and hadn't bothered to so much as sweep up the massive amounts of Neeko hair that fall daily (if he wasn't short haired I could spin that stuff and make a fortune!).  And yes I knew they weren't coming to see my house, but seriously?

A few hours later, clean house, dinner ordered from Sushi Ai (I love vegetarian sushi) and we had just sat down to wait.  I thought they might be in the city by nine so I didn't worry, all was good.

Minutes later the phone rang, they had already checked in and my uncle had said he wasn't too tired to come over.  Helps that I live minutes from the hotels.  Very few folks come to visit us, so I often forget my first time trying to find our house.  Oh, it's on a main road, only three down from either side of the crossroads, but somehow it is hard to find.  My gravel driveway doesn't make it much better.  It is dark on our stretch of the road, even though we are in the city.  And I have a huge old tree blocking the numbers on the house, we like to make it difficult, to keep folks out I guess.

It was so awesome, amazing, fantastic and just plain terrific! It was so fun because I was talking to my cousin on chat when they arrived, and I told her I had to go because they were here, she was like seriously? Seems no one even knew they weren't at home in Pennsylvania and thought that I was pretending.  Fooled them!

Finally family from home got to meet my sweet hubby, and he got to meet some of my family.  I would have loved more time, but I am sure that even days would not have been enough.  I miss home, I miss my family back home.  Erie is where my roots are, they are just long roots and have taken me all over the world and back.

Yesterday started off early, and I wouldn't have changed a thing!  We got to visit over breakfast for a few hours before we headed off to work.  I could start my day like that every day.  I sometimes feel a bit of jealousy at the folks at home.  The fact that they have those kind of days all the time.  For a moment in time, I was one of the group again.  Family had simply stopped by (mind you they absolutely could not say they were in the neighborhood or that it was on the way...).  I had been so bummed that I had not been able to see them this past weekend, and there they were!

I am so grateful they were willing to drive so far out of the way to visit for a few hours.  I felt so loved, I hope they realize how much I love them too.

Wow... it's been a whirlwind four days... fiber, fun, friends, family... and we got the motorcycle back last night, so after quilting class (which was absolutely incredible!)... I guess the stress of the past few weeks is fading. It feels like life is returning to "normal" - yep... at least my kind of normal!

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