Real Bikers wear PINK!

Have I ever mentioned that life with hubby never has a dull moment?  Have I ever mentioned that there are always moments that catch you completely off guard and after you live through the moment you can laugh about it?

Okay so today was one of those days!

As my hair is drying and my body is warming... I am starting to smile over the adventure.

Hubby had his heart set on attending the Ride Pink fundraiser ride this morning at our local Harley Davidson dealership.  We have not had the chance to participate in any organized rides since we got the bike and it looked like the storms were going to hold off.  And of course it is for one of our favorite causes.  So off we went.

The breakfast was so fun, that kid flipping massive quantities of hot pink pancakes was great!  Watching folks catch them as he flipped them through the air was something I can honestly say I have never seen before.  There was so much going on, setting up mammogram screenings, silent auctions, raffles and all kinds of big burly guys wearing PINK!

I was so thrilled to be part of that group.  Breast cancer has touched my family, cancer in many forms has put it's dirty finger on so many that I know and love.   I always support raising money for research, I just wish they would finally make a breakthrough.

It was kickstands up at 10:30 am and Hubby was excited to be riding with a group.  I could tell it was important to him.  Me... well I am not much of a joiner and I don't make friends easy, I was okay being part of the background fabric of the day.  What I wasn't okay with was the ever so light sprinkling of rain and the weather forecast... I might have been right...

About an hour into the ride, just as we are approaching the Highway 50 overpass I decided I was not liking the way the clouds were looking.  I asked if we could please consider turning west and heading home. Hubby looking up decided I might be right... wish I had been right about 15 minutes sooner.

It was only five miles... and of course it was five of the longest miles ever!  Seems the weather did not want to wait.  It only took 5 minutes, heading west, when those random drops started to become sheets of water.  Solid sheets of water. 

That stretch of 50, has not bridges, no trees, no shelter of any kind.  It is wide open. I cannot remember ever being that wet and cold before.  I cannot remember ever being so very, very cold on such a warm day.  I am sure I will not forget soon.

Hubby got us home safely, soggy but safely.  I think next time I am feeling uneasy about the weather, I am going to speak up.  Its the first time in a really long time I have been that drenched, I hope it is the last time in a long time! I would love to take the ride again, but I want sunshine... I am a fair weather passenger.

Scalding hot shower, HOT coffee laced with Bailey's, snugly warm sweatshirt and I am ready to get back to crocheting... I am a long way from being ready for next weekend...

But... Hubby and I had yet another adventure.  Another memory made, richer fibers woven into the fabric of our lives.  I am blessed!

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