Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sometimes change is good...

As Autumn starts rolling in there is some serious change in the air.  Leaves are falling, the chill is biting at finger tips and toes.  It truly is my favorite time of the year.  Most people think of winter as their "gotta survive it" time of year... for me that is summer.

The change in the air is very pervasive.  It isn't just confined to the weather.  I know so many people right now that are struggling with new realities.  Job changes, job losses, new jobs, looking for jobs, life changes... just so much. 

Change isn't always bad... although sometimes it seems it at the time.  I have seen the excitement in the eyes of a friend that is starting a new path, college and a huge career change.  You can feel her joy and excitement.  It's a huge life change for her and she is jumping into it with both feet.

Other people I know and love are finding themselves unexpectedly unemployed.  Those changes are harder to face.  They leave you with a mixed bag of feelings.  Particularly when you loved what you were doing.  Those friends will be in my prayers as they find their way navigating the changes and searching for a new path to follow.  At some point they too will find the change ultimately is good for them.  It usually is.  But the getting there will be more painful and twisted for them. 

For me, there are many changes, but they feel good.  I feel grounded in my world right now.  Maybe it was the week off, maybe it is internal growth.  I don't know, but I am going to take it.

Last night sitting and watching B working on her quilt (sorry can't post pictures - it's a surprise) the look of joy and excitement on her face was so amazing.  She kept repeating over and over that she never thought she would be quilting.  Change is good. 

Watching S, oh my goodness, the change in her is amazing.  She patiently worked with B while I was out of the room for a bit.  Helping her to learn how to thread her machine, encouraging her, gently guiding her.  I keep hearing her voice in my head, I could never teach anyone to quilt, and then I see her doing just that.  Her kind and gentle ways echoing through her words and actions.  She is a natural.  I was so loving the change in her! She is amazing!

I have many amazing people in my life.  I love watching the changes around me. Most of them...

Yep... Change is good!