Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Counting Blessings!

There is nothing like waking up and your old pup is in what I call puppy mode.  Watching him running around the yard in his bouncy way with his ears perked up, it's easy to forget that he is around 13 years old.  For his breed that is an advanced age. 

It only carried the wonderful feelings left over from last night.  I wanted to write last night, I even tried, but keeping my eyes open was not something I was being successful at.  And even though the words were dancing in my head they simply wouldn't tap themselves to the computer without help.

Our crazy country is seriously having issues.  I have reached the point that I feel they all think we are stupid and not capable of having a rational thought.  I was thinking about that this week, as if my rant didn't make that clear.  Then I started to really think...

I am blessed...

Hubby and I both work for a non-profit, so you can imagine how that translates to our personal budget.  But we have a home, it's not palatial, but it's ours. We make our payments and we take care of it around all our other tasks.  We have our children and grand child, they are smart, hard workers, loving, the girls are beautiful, "the boy" is handsome.  We have friends that we love, that we laugh with, cry with, that we hold hands with to help us all survive this crazy world.

I am blessed....

When I took the week off of work, I was feeling major burn out.  I was a fish swimming upstream over a dam or at least that was how I felt.  I was struggling.  It felt out of control and I was having a struggle finding much joy in my path.   I needed that week to regroup and bring it back to center. I feel re-energized.  It's been a tough few days getting caught up and such, but I feel excited to be doing it, not stressed and out of control.  I am passionate about it.

We are moving into our major fund raising of the year.  In fact we will kick off the staff part on Monday.  I am helping head it up, and I feel good about it.  It feels right.  Now if I could just get a few more folks to agree to help me that would be amazing!  Not having much luck at Friend raising right now... hmmm does that mean no one wants to be my friend??

I am blessed...

At class last night I was overjoyed to be a bystander in watching a newbie, if one ever was, sew her first seam ever!  She is going to be an amazing quilter, she gets that practice makes perfect and was ready to start sewing after practicing on paper until she felt confident. 

Success! First seam sewn!

Focus.... I can repeat this...

Did she lose the foot pedal? "A" is in the background completely focused throughout it all!
Watching the mix of anticipation and apprehension dash across her face as she cautiously pushed down on the foot pedal drew me in.  It was magical!  The entire room could feel her excitement and joy.  The smile and laughter were contagious.  One block short of a complete row, she reluctantly put it down.  Already plotting and planning on getting a sewing machine of her own.  She might be hooked...

Mad skills at work!!
I cannot wait to see the finished coat!

Oh My Goodness!!  My boys need coats... That is so adorable!!!! (Photo courtesy of "S")

A puppy coat in a beautiful hounds-tooth check was finished, it was so adorable I almost couldn't stand it!  "S" definitely has a natural talent!  I loved when she told me she was putting a button hole on the neck, I looked at her puzzled as she patiently explained to me that it was for the leash to connect with the collar... absolutely genius! The little coat is adorable.  More so when she sent me a picture of her sweet little Callie wearing the finished project. 

"A" started assembling the bits and pieces of her quilt, the first block is so beautiful!  I love the soft pastels and the way they flow together.  The little pockets for the baby's treasures are just delightful!  I cannot wait to see the finished quilt, the anticipation is killing me.

"B" couldn't join us, she hurt her wrist and was at home trying to heal.  We missed her!  I get lost in the colors of her quilt, she has an amazing eye for color and I enjoy the path it takes my mind down.

I am pretty sure that Hubby has given up on his quilting projects, as I now have three of them in the box I tote to class, and he hasn't had time to attend at all.  It's okay... but we gotta get those projects done.

I am planning a mystery quilt day for November 2, I work that weekend and I want to do something fun!  And one of our members has volunteered to teach a class making pajama bottoms on November 16, I cannot wait!  How exciting can it get?

So yes... I am blessed...

My life isn't perfect, none ever are.  I don't have everything I want, but I do have everything I need.  I have love, laughter and joy in my life to temper the occasional stress, strain, tears and sadness.  

Good Night Mom, we are taking your side of the bed tonight!

I am ready to face life with a loving heart, a strong mental attitude, and a smile on my face.  It would be an insult to all that is good to not!  Are you blessed? Have you looked into your heart to examine yourself?