Saturday, October 26, 2013

Time Marches On...

Bundled up 60 is a bit chilly
Looking down at my computer, trying to stay awake as my Cardinals battle it out for a win in this World Series, I noticed the date.  In a few short hours my ex-husband will be 50! I don't know he feels about it... we are still "friends" but rarely do we ever talk, now that the kids are grown a weekly conversation is something he can have with them.

I am honestly wondering what it means to me?  I met him when I was just 13 and he was 15, 50 seemed so very old back then. Our parents weren't even 50. Gray hair, aches and worrying about retirement seemed a million years away.  Back then the biggest worries were acne, break ups and finals. 

We grew up together and in the process we grew apart.  Over 12 years ago all those bits and pieces that seemed like a life appeared to fall apart.  They didn't fall apart! They fell into the lives that they were meant to be in.  He fell in love and married the love of his life, he will be 50 tomorrow and I am pretty sure his youngest is about three.  I am so very happy for him. And equally glad that isn't my life!!

He gave me the greatest gift ever when he left.  I still kept my friend that I had grown up with, my kids kept their dad that they loved and adored.  And I found me!  I found my husband that I love and adore, I started living.  I found true happiness!

50 doesn't seem so old now... I will sneak up on it soon.  Hubby was older than that when I moved here.  He isn't old. 

Looking back at 13 from here, it's amazing, I am nothing like the girl I was.  I didn't grow up to be much like her at all.  I am braver than she was.  I enjoy life, it took me a long time to get here. 

My sweet hubby and I spent the day in the sunshine buzzing around town and country side on our Harley.  Cherishing the time together and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall.  We stopped for a wonderful lunch at our favorite Greek restaurant. And then stopped in an Irish bar for a good German beer on tap (for me - he had a coke as he was driving!). It was an international tour all in a 30 mile radius.
Gyro's? Why Yes!
This morning as I was making soap and working on hats while talking to hubby and watching a program together I couldn't help but love my life!  Tonight as we watched the game together, before he fell asleep, I noticed a post on Facebook about all the great guys and where they might be hiding.  I can tell you where one is... here with me.  I am pretty sure that my ex's wife would say the same about her hubby.  I don't believe that the good ones are sitting around on a shelf waiting for someone to grab them.  I believe they are all around us, waiting for the right person to make a whole with. My ex and I were great friends, my hubby and I are simply great together....

First batch of Tea Tree Soap

Supplies mixed in with my life...
I hope my ex has a wonderful 50th tomorrow... I will be waiting for my turn to cross that threshold.  It's just a number, but the older I get the more precious and complete my life feels.  So much to be thankful for... 15 years ago, I could not see a future... it simply wasn't there.  I found it just about 12 years ago... and it's bright, beautiful and makes me so very happy!

Find your other half and age becomes simply a number....