Homemade Love

beautiful fabrics created from yarn
Busy weekend planned and I wake up with a stuffy head and headache?  What a cruel trick... Hopefully some allergy medicine will knock it out and it will get better, because the stuff planned has to happen regardless!

I picked up the coconut oil and olive oil last night for soaps, I cannot wait to smell the scent of the tea tree as it cures.  It is by far my favorite!  I will also be making a lavender and possibly a clean cotton.  I am not sure.  It's time to start stockpiling them again.  All of those won't happen today, I don't think I have enough molds.  But there is always tomorrow...

I am down to the last three hats that I have orders for and one is already over half way done.  Then I want to make myself one... it's getting cold outside!  And I sold the one that I wanted the most.  I almost didn't put it out, but I was so worried I would not have enough that I did.  I must have been right about it being pretty, because it was one of the first ones sold.

After I finish these last few, it will be time to put away the crochet hooks for a bit and get out the knitting needles.  It will be time to make some wristers.  I have a beautiful pattern that I love and made so many of last year.  Time to get going on them.  I actually have orders for three pair of them already too.

I am never going to get rich or retire off of the silly little amount of items I am able to create with these two hands but I cannot tell you how much I love the feeling when someone wants a hat or something I have made and they love it!  I am not good with compliments, I have never learned to take them well.  They embarrass me.  But I sure do love that feeling! I really love it when I see folks wearing them, snuggling in them, or telling me how much they love my soaps or something like that.

I hate to shop, but will spend hours shopping at a craft show or from local vendors that have created something with their own two hands.  The coat I love so very much... Hubby had that made for me.  It's the only one there is that is exactly like it.  It's the same way with the stuff I make.  They will all be similar if you want several the same, but none will be identical.  I am human, not a machine and it is reflected in my work.

Unless there is a specific tool I am wanting, for example a long-arm or spinning wheel, the greatest gift in the world to me is something made with your own two hands.  I understand that not everyone can sew, knit, crochet, wood work, etc... but each of us has a talent a gift that we can give from the heart.

Do you dry herbs, make candles, quilt, cook, draw, paint, or doodle?  Are you amazing at organizing, yard work, landscaping?  Can you paint a room?  Or have crazy carpentry or automotive skills?  Are you a party planner or dog groomer extraordinaire? I am pretty sure a gift that is as simple as an I.O.U (that is followed up on) for the gift of your time at a future date would be cherished!  Either offering to do the task or teach someone how!

As we are heading into the holiday season, I am pondering my gift list.  What will I give to the people I love and care about?  Last year most of my sisters decided that our family had gotten too large to give gifts to all, and I haven't heard about plans for this year. I am not going to be the odd duck out and mess everyone up again.  So I have scaled back my list.

It is important to me to give gifts from the heart.  I know that most of my hats and other items are destined to be that also. I was so excited to read that my Aunt in Colorado had bought the stuff to start making her gift list.  I was a bit concerned that I was the only slightly looney one in the family!  It was so awesome to realize it is probably hereditary!

Well dear friends, it is time to take my stuffy head and get busy... that soap won't make itself, the darn beans refuse to jump into the crock-pot on their own and I seem to have failed witchcraft 101, because that crochet hook hasn't moved an inch since I started writing today...

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