What does the Man in the Moon see?

It's still raining... I love the rain, particularly during the spring and fall.  It started just after we snapped a picture of a blurry sunrise yesterday.  It was trying so hard to break through and light the day, it lost that battle. 

The steady rain feels like it is washing away so much of the yuck of the world.  Oh I know it isn't, but it sure does a great job at giving that illusion.  I wish it could was it away, I wish that it could wash away all the terrifying mess that is happening in Washington and at the state government levels.  I wish that it could wash away the darkness that seems to be seeping into so many people.  I wish...

Oh well you know what they say about wishing. All the wishing in the world won't change a thing.

Last night, I was lucky enough to see "The Man in the Moon", it was recorded live at the Independence Day celebration that Glenn Beck put on this summer in Utah.  I had wanted to go see it live.  Having seen it, I now really regret not finding a way to see it live.

What I love the most about Beck is that he does not see us as political parties, he sees us as American's.  Oh I know that there are basic differences, which actually aren't really differences at all, they are manufactured differences by people wanting to keep us all separate.  Beck simply wants us all to pull together for the good of our country, each other and ourselves.  His goal is to guide us back into being the strong, independent, freedom loving people that we are.

"The Man in the Moon" was a wonderful story, the moon's perspective of life here on earth, since the beginning of time. Many times throughout I had goosebumps and found myself contemplating what was being said in a different light.

There was a section that included a speech by President Kennedy just before we headed to the moon. I am ambivalent where Kennedy is concerned.   He was assassinated before I was born, so I have no first hand knowledge of him. Any knowledge I have has come to me through the filters of time and others memories.  Mostly I see him as a womanizer first and a President second.  That speech was amazing!  Listening to it, to our world's history being condensed into 50 years, it was eye opening and thought provoking.

I needed to see it last night, because I have been struggling with serious anger at what is going on in this country.  I don't like liars, and I really don't care for people that refuse to take responsibilities for their actions.  So needless to say, if I hear the President say one more time "I didn't know" I really think I am going to lose my mind.  Sorry when you take the oath as the leader of our land.  It is your responsibility to KNOW what is going on in your country.  Particularly if it is something that you have pushed to create. 

Watching "The Man in the Moon" last night, it kind of put it into perspective.  We've been through horrid leaders in the past, we've been through the self-serving and egotistical before.  And we've been strong enough to survive.  I hope that we are strong enough this time.  I worry that there has been too much leg work done over the past 100 years, too much undermining of the American people. But I chose to have faith.

Faith that we are still that strong, freedom loving, honest, caring, good people that started this country.  I chose to have faith that the good will over come the bad... I know that we are at our very root a country of hard working, spiritual, loving, kind and devoted people. 

I think the man in the moon is up there watching us and waiting to see if we will once again make the right choice.

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