Monday, September 30, 2013

Amazing Autumn Days...

Ah mom... do you have to come to bed??
Monday morning sure found a way to creep in fast... It was a great weekend, with lots of quality time with hubby.  Hard to face today... I was gone for most of last week so I know that there will be a small mountain of  "to do" work on my desk. I am not looking forward to that.  It just seems a shame for such an amazing weekend to be over.

Last night as I went to bed, I was greeted by my sweet little old guy all curled up on Momma's side of the bed using my shirt for a pillow and covered in the quilt.  The look on his sweet little face pretty much summed up the weekend for me.  It looked like he was saying it can't be over yet.

The hubby and I went to StrangeFolk again yesterday.... The sunshine and soft breeze were beckoning us  to spend the day outside.  Soaking up the atmosphere, music and enjoying the people.  The fall leaves were changing all around us as we sat at the park bench enjoying the yummy Greek food, hubby managing to become good friends with everyone around us.  We were enjoying the pets and kids, the music was a bit questionable yesterday - but they were trying and it was free...


Our main reason for being there... I have a fiber addiction and it needed to be fed! I checked out a couple of booths that I had noticed on Saturday, but I knew where I was headed... How could I not?  I have developed a passion for roving from Yarn Geek Fibers.  The colors are always so tempting, the texture is soft and beautiful and honestly... it's just perfect! Mr. & Mrs. Yarn Geek do not overcharge, they are friendly and helpful.  They both know so much about their fibers and spinning that it is a complete pleasure to visit with them while I shop.

I am considering teaching a Drop Spindle class later this year at work.  If I do, I will definitely be calling them and ordering spindles and fiber for each person in the class. I didn't end up buying anything else from the rest of the festival, but I have several pairs of future socks and a few beautiful hats in the bag of treasures I brought home from Yarn Geek Fibers!
Sunshine, Hefeweise on Tap, Fiber and Hubby!!  A perfect day!!
After we wandered around and made sure there was nothing we'd missed from the day before we headed out to take care of the rest of our to do list.  Few groceries, printer fabric for quilts, and why not a quick stop at Savers.  You just never know what you are going to find there.

I have to say that is absolutely the most amazing store.  I simply love it! A few weeks ago we had found hubby a wonderful leather jacket for the motorcycle.  I was jealous as all get out... Not that he didn't deserve one, but because the cheapness in me wanted to find a deal like that for me.  I simply could not bring myself to want to spend hundreds of dollars on one for me.  So I didn't... I found a couple I liked that were on clearance and i was waiting for them to get down to a price I could live with, but not feeling too optimistic about it.  Yesterday the angels of thrift decided to give me a hand... we walked into Savers, glanced at a couple of things and then I headed over to check out their leather section.  Go figure a thrift store with a leather department.

They had a pretty good amount but none that would fit me, either too large or too small... and then I saw it... It isn't a "motorcycle" leather, but it is definitely leather.  I don't need a true biker jacket, I sit behind the solid wall of hubby.  Zippers are not going to be an issue for me.  Not only did it fit perfectly, is genuine leather, and warm... it was only, wait for it... $9.99.  I LOVE THAT STORE!!  For a whopping $16.34, I took home a nice leather jacket, enough yarn for two more hats and another head to display them on.

The day wrapped up with a couple of crispy cold German beers, the bright blue of an Autumn sky, a few more hats made, and another Thirty-one party with my cousins.  I guess you can't really complain that a weekend as wonderful and relaxing as that is ending.

I hate that I missed the wedding in Arkansas, and seeing all the family.  I would have enjoyed that.  But work is not prepared to wait this time...

Special coffee is waiting to be enjoyed with hubby... a couple more hats before work... I think it will be a good day!