Celebrating the Free Spirit!

It's a beautiful autumn morning, the air is cool, it is damp from the over night rain that we needed so badly and it's peaceful.  My coffee is hot and it's so quiet I can hear the clock ticking and my favorite cat sitting at my shoulder purring.

These are my kind of mornings.  Where a whole day of "gotta do" is spread out before you, but you can steal those quiet minutes and reflect and refocus before it starts. If everything wasn't wet from the rain I would have sweet talked the hubby into making us a small fire to start the day.  Sadly, it's all wet!  Besides he is down in his man cave catching up on his man-soap, seriously unwinding... he needs that.

It's that kind of weekend.  You know the kind, where you unwind and get rid of stress.  At least bad stress.  I've been mostly sitting and stitching, feeling wholly unprepared for two weeks from now.  I have been thinking about how I let things taint my point of view and change my focus.

Wandering around the Strangefolk Festival yesterday, I felt so grounded.  I love to be around people with the same passions as mine.  There were a few booths that I simply could not relate to, I am seriously not sure of the beauty of wearing a necklace made out of forks, but maybe I am missing something? But most of it was stuff that I felt drawn to. 

I loved seeing the beautiful fibers (might go back today for some beautiful wools) and wood products (almost bought another drop spindle - need that like a hole in the head), absolutely fell in love with several pieces at a pottery booth.  I gotta tell you that it takes a very creative mind to create a "yarn bowl"... it is pure genius! And eventually I want one!! Hubby and I were laughing at the giant metal flowers, they were amazing though.

The live music and food vendors add an almost old time medival fest feeling to it all. The scents, the sounds the sights.  All rolled into one amazing experience.

Folks were just themselves, that is the beauty of Strangefolk.  I completely identify with them, I like the drummer that I hear beating my odd beat.  I love the willingness and passion to be yourself, do what you love and simply be.  It makes me happy.  I don't feel out of place there.  I don't feel like some sort of misfit.  I belong.  I am not the only person that craves homemade soap, one of a kind non-massed produced items.  I am definitely not the only one that has some type of fiber and needle sticking out of my bag. This is my kind of world.

I believe in the spirit and beauty of the crafter/artisan!  I love that there are places like The Strangefolk Festival where unique is celebrated.  Where my dollars are spent on locally made items to support local people.  It made my heart soar to watch a little boy dancing through the crowds with his dinosaur hat and a sword, I had just seen both at booths moments before.  He was so joyous, his imagination was fully engaged, he was ready to battle the world at that moment in time.

I loved that people had their dogs with them.  At one point hubby (a true animal lover) was talking to a couple of ladies and their pup.  She was a beauty.  It was a bit warm and she was panting a tad.  I was holding our water bottles when he asked me to fill his hands.  That pup loved the water, she was so thirsty, and that he was so kind and gentle made me so proud and happy.  I wish I had thought to snap a picture, to capture that moment for others to enjoy.  Instead it is trapped in my memory.  The beauty of his hands, cupped dripping with water and that pink tongue lapping it up before it could drip out. I am blessed to have a husband who has a heart so good and pure!

I think I might sweet talk him into going back today.  For just a bit.  I will take some medicine for my back, I twisted it or something and it was barking at me the whole time. So I didn't get to really enjoy all of it.  I want to go back and get that beautiful hand spun (that matches our Harley) to make hubby a cowl to keep his neck warm on the motorcycle, I want to get at least one package of roving from The Yarn Geek (I completely love her products and she and her hubby are amazing!)... I want to drool a bit more and absorb the sheer energy of so many creative people. 

Tomorrow the world will come rushing back in, so I need it today.

It fuels my passion, it makes me feel complete, it gives me energy. 

I have a gypsy heart.  I love to simply be.  I am creative. I am happiest in a non-structured free spirited world. I understood them.  I got the hippies with flowers in their hair, the unique and happy way folks were dressed.  I felt at peace there.  An older woman with long flowing white dreads, her skirt to the ground, no make up needed... sitting there crocheting while talking about the beautiful soaps with healing herbs, that she had surrounding her.  I get it...

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