Family... it centers me!

Our maple last autumn
Good Morning Autumn... I knew you weren't teasing, that you had finally come to stay!  I slept so sound, I love to be chilled and snuggled up in quilts and blankets all night long (it reminds me of nights spent with Grammie and Papa long ago)!  It really sets the tone for another wonderful day!

Yesterday was so much fun for me.  Oh, I didn't do anything special at all.  At least not to some.  To me... it was amazing!

Yesterday, I curled up in my big comfy chair and worked on hats.  That is about all I physically did. Minions and zombies surrounding me.  It was the stuff that happened around me that was awesome!  My son came out and spent hours with me.  We simply talked about everything and nothing at all.  As my needle wove in and out of the fabric I was creating we talked about the changing season, world, job searches, college, jokes, talked about quirks and things that bothered us.  We talked about things we want to do and things we want to avoid.  It's been a long time since we spent hours together just chatting.

I loved it!  Ever since he was a little bitty guy, he and I have had chats like that.  I missed them terribly.  Oh we aren't solving world peace, the deficit, or creating job growth at all.  We are simply being.

Hubby was in a movie mood and found himself snuggled up on the sofa in the man cave with his pups watching old movies and relaxing.  So my boy and I took over the living room.  We watched snippets of e-gaming on my computer, the stuff they can do with computers is simply amazing! He showed me some websites he's found to help him brush up on writing code. We simply hung out together.

It was so nice to have time to do that.  During the course of our chat my fingers never stopped... four hats later it was time to fix dinner.  The spell was broken.

Over the course of the day I'd text messaged my girl, chatted with hubby, loved on my pets and simply enjoyed. It was a fulfilling day. It was topped off with an online Thirty-One party with my aunts and cousins back home.  As I have never lived back home as an adult, I can assure you that is something I never thought I would ever do.  How fun is that? It was a bit challenging for my brain by that point in the day, because each time someone would comment on a post it would pop around, I was getting dizzy!

Over the course of two days I had time to talk to family and friends all over.  As much as I cannot stand technology, I am also grateful for it.  I can see those important to me, support and be supported, talk and laugh with those too far away for that to be a daily occurrence.  It makes my world less spread out.  It makes those I love seem just a bit closer than they are. 

At one of our district retreats a couple of years back Tiff trained us on keeping our buckets filled and what did that mean to us.  I felt guilty back then, because I am sure the goal was how it applied to our careers.  Since then, I have learned that isn't who I am.  My center focus is now and always has been my family and friends.  I enjoy my career, but it is never going to be my burning passion.  That is reserved for my family and friends.  That pastor last weekend put it perfectly when he said faith, family and friends.  It truly is all I need to feel like the world is moving in a perfectly smooth direction.

I no longer feel guilty.  My bucket gets filled when I have the time to focus on what is important to me.  And it isn't about sales or retention, goals and numbers.  It's about conversations and laughter.  Its about seeing the sparkle in my not so little man's eyes when he's pulled a prank on me.  It's the laughter that I can read in my daughter's text message over a shared joke or idea.  It's having a peaceful evening sitting on the sofa with hubby eating an ice cream and watching our boys patiently wait for anything we leave.  It's my sweet grand baby telling me hello, I love and miss you when I call to check up on the grand kitty.

I need the things that are important to me, when they are in short supply I find it hard to be a happy cheerful person.  Even though I am not ready to burst that bubble of contentment, I am looking forward to heading into work today.  I have dear friends I work with that I have missed over the past week.  I need to reconnect with them before heading back away from everyone.  I need to balance my world.

Am I the only one that feels that Autumn is a time when the family reconnects?  Over summer there are trips and activities... a million different directions all at once... then as slowly as the leaves fall we start drawing back together.  Even our youngest two are finding time in their schedule for us...

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