What's fate got to do with it?

Do you ever feel like something is conspiring to take control of your life?  To put you in check?  To help you do what you should be doing, not what you want to be doing?
Crossing the Poplar, on a beautiful morning
I feel that way right now.  Yesterday morning we were cruising through "the hood" on our sweet little Harley.  Enjoying the crisp air and day dreaming of all the riding we could enjoy this weekend.  The first true fall weather weekend we've had.  Ah... sweet day dreams!  Hubby wrapped in his leather, telling me that I needed to get some leathers as soon as possible so I would enjoy the ride a bit more on those chilly mornings.  We were distracted by pleasure.

In the back of my mind was the niggling thought that I had committed to a craft fair that was rapidly approaching!  Less than a month away.  Panic is starting to set in... but ah the freedom, the fun, the pleasure...

Our windshield had come in and we were getting it installed today, that was the plan, before dashing off for a quick (okay who are we kidding) ride.  Hubby was wanting to swing by the dealer to see if by any chance they might be able to squeeze in the install yesterday, so that it didn't interrupt the weekend.  Didn't slow us down any.  Hoping that we might scoot off and find a sunrise to share our coffee with this morning.

We had already scheduled the appointment for new tires to be installed on October first, we had a plan in place.

That was when fate, yarn angels, what ever you want to call it stepped in.  Our plans came to a screeching halt.  I watch hubby pull her into the garage every day, I pay close attention to that back tire, because it scares me to watch him pull up that little ramp.  Makes me nervous. There was nothing wrong with the tire the night before, nothing wrong with it all day... but just as we started to say well the work I needed to do could wait a few hours and we would go riding for a bit, I looked at the back tire.  We were still at the dealership, they'd just installed the windshield.

I pointed it out to hubby. Thankful.

Thankful, because just thirty minutes before I had been sitting in the waiting room of the dealership pouting.  I was annoyed that we were letting such a beautiful afternoon go to waste. I was annoyed because a thirty minute job had stretched to almost an hour. I was annoyed because instead of sitting there bored out of my mind I could have been spending time working on beanies maybe talking to my son... but no I was sitting there bored.  I don't like to be bored, it doesn't work well for me at all! So I was rapidly spiraling into a really dark, ugly place.

Seeing that tire... I was thankful for that time.  I don't recall seeing it damaged as we left the house, and I always walk up from behind.  So it must have happened as we drove over.  In thirty minutes to an hour, hubby and I can make some serious distance.  And we do not head for the well traveled roads.  We find the back roads, those deserted in favor of a more direct and rapid route.  We can travel well over a hundred miles and rarely be more than 30 miles from our front door at the furthest point.  If we hadn't stopped to see if they could squeeze us in, if we had just headed out... well who knows where we would have been or what we would have doing... who knows what could have happened.

I strongly believe in Guardian Angels, and I am fairly sure I keep mine working overtime!  And I have a feeling that my Guardian Angel was doing everything in their power to insure we didn't go riding last night.  The dealership that had been booked solid had a free slot all the sudden to install our windshield, the delay in time, the aggravation that had me looking down and pouting.

Well played Angel, well played.  So the beautiful blue Harley is parked.  Just for two weeks, when the budget allows the new tires to be installed.  Just enough time for me to be forced to work on my projects, to get ready for the craft show. We will have her back in just enough time to enjoy the fall foliage, to take a break.

Sometimes that Guardian Angel really has to step it up to keep me in check.  I am easily distracted... I admit it...

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