Making Progress!

I am sitting here listening to a combination of the cicada's winding down (they have been really bad this year) and Kirk Cameron subbing for Glenn Beck.  Wow... that is pretty much all I can say about this man.  Hard to see the old sit com star behind the man he's become.

I have been working on hats all day long, seems God had a chat with Mother Nature and she arranged for lots of rain and thunderstorms.  I didn't have to feel guilty about needing to work on things for the craft show.  I was given a pass. 

It's been a very productive day!  In fact it is scary how productive it has been.  My fingers are a bit tired, but my stress has gone down so much. Hubby sweet talked me into going out with him for lunch. I was hesitant... That three hour tour from yesterday kept popping into my mind.  But I decided I could throw my yarn and needles in my purse and head out.  Thanks to the rain I would be able to work on my projects between travels.

We had a great lunch, with lots of time to visit and chat, and decided to run to JoAnn's on the way home.  As we were heading over Hubby decided he needed to go into Savers.  He loves that store.  I do too... but I could hear the clock... tick, tick, tick...

He was so determined and willing to walk over in the rain just to browse.  It seemed so important to him that I couldn't tell him no.  That silly needle and yarn could wait.  It seemed important.  Whatever was drawing him there was strong!

I'm so glad we did! Hubby found a perfect leather motorcycle jacket.  His size, style and in almost new condition and at an eighth of the cost of the one almost identical that I had been looking at the day before! I would have been a happy camper if that was the only treasure we managed to find.  It seems destiny was on our side today, because as we were walking over to get in line, there on display were Styrofoam heads. I have been searching everywhere for those silly things.  I wanted them for my booth, as most of the stuff I will have at the craft fair will be beanies.  I have not been able to find them anywhere, and here I find six.  Well they had more, but the other two were simply too beat up to make me happy.

As it is well established that I am the queen of cheap, you can bet it made my penny pinching heart squeal with joy to get all of that for less than $65!  In fact I am still excited by it all! The beanies look so awesome on the heads and Hubby looks so handsome in his new leather jacket! Bring on the fall weather my baby will be toasty cruising around on the bike looking at the beautiful foliage.

My sweet grand baby called me a few times today.  Seems everyone was sleeping at her house and she was lonely.  I wish she lived closer, she wanted to come over, but it is too far for me to steal her for an hour or so now.  She asked what I was doing and I told her I was working on beanies... that I needed at least 100 before the craft show, she was so funny... She informed me no, I needed 101, as she wants one of them too!  Silly girl, Gramma will always have lots of hats for you, whatever makes you happy!

I feel okay now, I am up to 22 beanies.  I feel comfortable with my planning now... Thank you Lord for the rain, for the time to refocus, for the opportunity to listen Kirk's message.  It's been a great day!

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