Around the corner and down the lane...

Sunrise over Silver Creek

My eyes are getting heavy and the day is gently winding down.  Soon I will join hubby and the boys and settle in to sleep.  I had some hats to finish before sleeping.  Our scooter riding has greatly cut into my "budgeted" hat making time.  It's ok though, I would not trade the hours for anything in the world.

Driving past the orphanage where hubby was raised.

Hubby and I had great dreams for our property in Southern Missouri, it was beautiful, peaceful and we seriously were envisioning a future there.  He'd invested a pay out from one of his retirement accounts into purchasing and starting the future there.  Always telling everyone it was my place.  Through the changes the community made, the people that bought around us, the severe allergies I was experiencing there, so many things went from amazing to rotten. 

Sunrise is peaking through....

This morning as the sun was just breaking through the darkness of night, we took off.  We had several ideas of where we wanted to go. I was day dreaming of Garden of the Gods, it looks so beautiful in all the pictures I have seen. Hubby was thinking Springfield sounded promising.  Together we decided on neither, we just headed out.  Neither of us knowing or caring.  Our favorite way to ride and explore.  The weather had us concerned, we had thunder storms last night and the forecast was not too promising for today.

Something must have been pulling on both of us to head towards Carlyle, because that is what we did.  Past Silver Creek, rolling fields shimmering in fog, listening to the world slowly waking up.  Deer darting past, birds taking flight, the fish breaking the water as they start to wake up.

The mist was refreshing, the breeze was so cool I was almost regretting not bringing a light jacket.  By the time we hit Carlyle, picked up a coffee at McDonald's for my girl, I was so thankful to have forgotten.  She was camping and didn't have coffee, we were sort of in the area, ya know what is 50 miles when you are on the motorcycle enjoying a wonderful morning. 

The girls at Carlyle looking up at Blue in the tree

After hugs and kisses from our grand baby, watching the dog pull one of her brothers and their friend on a skateboard, and seeing the surprised smile on my girl's face when we arrived with coffee (I even got the flavor right!  Yes score one for the mom!!) we were off again.

What is at the end of this road?

Still not knowing where or why, we set off to experience the wonder south central Illinois.  And oh did we find some wonderful things!  As we went through those small farm towns we found so many wonderful things. Our favorite was the Washington County State Park.  A beautiful lake, tucked into the rolling hills and trees.  It was so breath taking.  We stopped and had coffee (we brought a thermos - unlike silly daughter!) watched the fish splashing, the squirrels darting up the trees, day dreamed and talked.  We will be going back there to fish.  It is a bit further than Carlyle, but such a quiet and precious spot that we simply fell in love.

Coffee break at the Washington County Park
Such a serene lake

We explored Pickneyville, Coulterville, Nashville... hmmm... starting to see a reoccurring theme there. In Pickneyville we decided it was time to head back north.  We stumbled across some beautiful old cemeteries, homes and and buildings from the 1800's, once beautiful buildings left to be reclaimed by time.  We found a yard sale out in the middle of nowhere, we stopped and stretched across the street so hubby could go and socialize.  He is so kind and loves to meet new people and explore yard sales.  Me... well... not so much!

Parked in front of an old shop being reclaimed by time...
The round square in Belleville
After a nice lunch and picking up something for our boy, we realized it was getting a bit dark and overcast.  Once the lightening started coming down we were thankful to be just over a mile from home.  Our journey of over 170 miles came to an end just in time.  We'd no sooner put the scooter up, locked the doors and went inside when the world started getting really crazy outside.  We had a few errands to run so jumped into our Escape and barely left the driveway when HUGE raindrops decided to fall.  By the time we hit the Harley store, looking for boots for hubby it was raining so hard that we were drenched to the bone from car to the door. 

The storm clouds are moving in...
Storms are starting now...

A slow evening spent enjoying life, relaxing and savoring this weekend.  The rain kept us from going to the Missouri Botanical Gardens as planned.  But it did allow me to finish up 10 complete hats and only 3 more waiting for flowers. 

I might not have that small place in Sullivan any longer, but I have something far more precious!  Quality time with hubby to simply unwind and enjoy each other.  This is perfect! One more day... before we head out, I need to tidy the house... the Neeko fur balls are chasing the dust bunnies, and Neeko's recycling effort (that's another story) has the living room looking like a plastic explosion! I am not sure what we will do tomorrow, but I can assure you it will involve a last long ride for the weekend, before we cook some nice dinner for us and the boy. 

Time to go put my head on the pillow... how are you spending your holiday weekend?

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