Traveling down country roads with my Hubby!

What an amazing couple of days! Hubby and I been burning up the miles, tooling down back roads, realizing that we have finally got a new bike that both of us LOVE.  This blue beauty was custom made for hubby.  It fits him and responds to him like a second skin.

Say What??  She has her own town??

As we traveled around yesterday, we ended up following back roads with no idea whatsoever where we were.  We found so many adorable little towns that just seemed to appear in the middle of corn fields.  The heat was crazy, the wind was balancing it perfectly.   I think we easily drank a few gallons of water each.  But it was perfect!

Addieville, Illinois
Addieville, Illinois
Addieville, Illinois


Today has been hotter, it went above 100 today and it felt it!  There were a few times it felt even hotter, we were miserable for a few stretches. Nothing some ice tea and shade can't fix. 

Buffalo fritters...note to self... SKIP this forever!
On the Brussels Ferry

Hotel in Brussels... built in 1846
 We knew that we were heading to a reception for a friend of ours that got married out of town in St. Louis so we decided to head to the Great River Road.  That road is some of the best cycle riding anywhere.  Smooth, winding, a couple of ferry rides and winding beautiful country roads.  It's breath taking.  Following along the two great rivers as they merge together, the caves worn into the side of the bluffs by centuries and centuries of the mighty rivers meandering path.

Rolling hills of Brussels, Illinois
Waiting for the Golden Eagle Ferry

Hubby knows that for some reason I can't stand right turns, even on my bicycle I will avoid at all costs, and he does such a great job of making me feel calmer as we make those turns.  Sadly you cannot only make left hand turns.  He is sturdy and strong, he gently leans to the right, warning me, encouraging me to breathe.

He says I am a great rider, that I respond very intuitively.  I am not sure if he is fibbing or trying to make me feel good.  I focus on being one with him.  I would never want him to have to fight me to keep us safe.  He never scares me.

Yesterday he bought me my first pair of bike boots... between that and my wind sock for my hair, I am starting to look like a biker b*%#&... ask my daughter she will tell you.  It's kind of funny, because I will turn around and slip into my long denim skirts and work on my needlework....  I was talking to my cousin this morning, about a box I'd sent her and her daughter, I warned her it was a very eclectic mix of books... She laughed as she said "with you I would expect nothing less." It simply cracked me up that she knew that about me.  I grew up far away, our face to face time has been so minimal, and yet she knew.

I need to finish up the jerky for my boys, work on a hat, and get ready for the rest of the adventure that will happen this weekend. 

This weekend has been wonderful.  Our friend's smile... oh it makes me so happy to see.  He is so happy and his wife is beautiful.  Inside and out!  I hope he's as happy as I am.  Because I am very happy. 

Tomorrow, Hubby and I are heading out before sun up, hopefully we will make it down to the Garden of the Gods as the sun rises. If the thunderstorm has passed us by.  Riding with him is balancing out my stress levels.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...

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