Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just DRIVE already!

Ahhh... spaghetti junction, one of the worst drive it daily
One more day of stressful traffic. Idiots who feel they have to wait until they are behind the wheel of the car to put on make-up or check Facebook.  One more day of feeling anxiety rise to almost uncontrollable levels.  I don't handle stupidity well, I handle it less well when it is put behind the wheel of a car.  If you are going to be stupid you have no business driving a car it puts other people's lives in danger.

This week I have gone to trainings and meetings all week out at our Leadership Development Center.  It's a great place to take trainings and disconnect from the branch and learn.  The challenge for me, is that without any traffic it is a full 40 minute drive from my house.  Unfortunately, the without any traffic part, isn't going to happen except possibly for 5 am on Christmas day.

There are 5 possible major routes for me to get there.  And each one has at least one, if not multiple construction sites on it.  And at least one spot where they bottleneck and come to a complete stop... That 40 minute drive has not been less than 75 minutes yet, in fact closer to 90.  I have seen so many accidents, almost accidents, stupidity and just plan ignorance.  I haven't even started getting dressed for work yet and I am already dreading the drive.

I have had the awesome opportunity to witness so many people driving stupid, acting like where they are going is far more important than observing basic road and driving etiquette. It is mind boggling.  Racing through construction zones. Dashing up to the edge of the merge and forcing others to let them in (really?  really?  you did not see the warnings that your lane ended and you had to merge for two miles prior?).

At least it isn't stopped at the moment...
Checking their email, Facebook, texting, etc... People, you are simply not that important.  If you cannot use that phone hands free without looking at it, then how about if you put it in your purse, pants pocket, under the seat even if you feel that you cannot control the urge. It is unbelievable the number of people that do not pay any attention to the road.   I watched the Jetson's too... flying cars and cars that drive themselves to their location do not exist.  If you want to check your phone that much, please take a bus, taxi, or train.  Let someone else drive.  Because you are making a mess of the highways and risking peoples lives.

I have seen drivers with the Post spread on their steering wheel, or a stack of reports they are looking at while drinking their coffee and eating their breakfast.  Just a minor suggestion, get up a few minutes earlier, do all that stuff at home and pay attention while driving.

As you can probably tell... I have more than a little bit of an issue with crazy drivers and having to commute.  I will be so glad when hubby takes back over tomorrow.  I enjoy sitting in my little bubble and working on my projects, while he safely guides us where we need to be.  I would be perfectly okay with only having a short bike or walking commute.

I simply don't like driving in the city... One more day...