Three little roses...

It's been a whirlwind couple of days!  Sunday was spent finishing a quilt for a friend.  It turned out so nicely!  I can't wait to share pictures with everyone, but it isn't time yet... Then my sister came over, followed by my girls... it was so great!  My boy spent time with me, and hubby helped me cook dinner for the family!  Those are important things for me.  Heck my daughter's ex even came over, I am fairly sure he simply crashed the party, but no worries.  Guess he was hungry.

Birthday Roses from an Angel!

If you do not have grand children, I can assure you that you need some, or at least just one!  Because nothing is sweeter than the innocent love they put into a birthday.  When a little ray of sunshine dresses up and shows up at your door with a bouquet of three beautiful roses she picked for you and a smile to light up the darkest night... well... it doesn't matter if you have just been gifted with a million dollars, those roses and that sweet baby are the most amazing, wonderful and precious gift there is!

As she danced around and chattered with me while we cooked, I felt so blessed!  Hubby had spoiled me all day, the youngest two had called me before starting their day, my sister came over, I had my boy and girl to enjoy (their hugs so warm and genuine!), talked with our good friends for a bit and simply enjoyed all the blessings in my life.  Little bit "helped" me cook, mostly she bounced back and forth from swinging outside to keeping me company and pleading for cut strawberries dusted with sugar.  

I went to sleep feeling so very loved and loving my life, what greater gift is there in life than that?

Yesterday, was just plain nutty!  I never even had a minute to blog!  We left before six in the morning to head down to the country, we are 99% sure we have "sold" the property!  We are actually trading it for a motorcycle, a really nice motorcycle!  The family that wants the property only had a brief bit of time yesterday before heading out to vacation.  We will know for sure next week when they get back. 

We ended up with a flat tire while down there, the littlest bit of metal punctured between the treads, so poor hubby ended up changing the tire in the pouring rain, in a dirt driveway, on a downward sloping hill... none of those are ideal, all of them are just plain yucky! I was amazed that he was smiling and laughing through it all. I was simply holding a too small umbrella feeling helpless!

It was an interesting drive out of the country, almost reminded me of a camping trip the kids and I took years ago into the mountains of Colorado in October.  Blew a tire then too, way off the beaten path, on a Sunday, and the nearest town was the ghost town we were exploring.  Yikes!  Hubby took care of everything, and we got back to town only a minute or two later than planned.  Tire repaired and we were able to tackle the crazy remainder of the day. 

It's a new day, hopefully the craziness of yesterday is fully behind us.... I need things to be a bit more orderly and "normal"...  Today is my princesses birthday!  She is an August baby just like Gramma! I hope we see her, we cannot wait to give her gift to her... but she is spending the day at 6 Flags with her daddy... so we will see!

I was so tickled when I got a call last night from an unknown number and answered it anyhow, it was my princess! She now has her own phone!  And Gramma was the very first call she made!!  Is that not the most awesome, wonderful, amazing thing ever?  I got to tell her I love her and gave the phone to Grampa, I was so busy and he was in my office.  I sure do love that little munchin and hope she has an amazing day too!

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