Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Dear Punk,

I don't know if you are young or old, male or female, black, white or brown.  I don't know if English is your first language or or last.  I don't know why you felt entitled to help yourself to something that didn't belong to you.  Or what made you feel it was okay.  It wasn't. 

People, and yes I use that term loosely, like you are what makes it hard for people like me to want to continue doing things to help others.  Punks like you are a serious disease in the human race.  I am guessing that your momma and poppa didn't take time to teach you right from wrong, or at least that is who you are going to blame.  That if something doesn't belong to you don't take it.

I am angry right now, I work hard, really hard to pay for the stuff I want and or need.  Heck, I just got the bill last night for the phone that you felt you needed more than I do.  I can hardly wait to get the next one just so I have the privilege of  paying for something again, and praying another self centered loser like yourself doesn't steal it too.

You had no business coming into my office last night, you had no business rooting through my desk like some vermin to steal my phone.  But evidently you are missing an elemental part of the brain that teaches right from wrong. 

What causes people like you to do what you did?  Was it the thrill?  Was it a sense of entitlement?  Because I can tell you right now, I am really getting tired of the entitlement crap!  Is it bad breeding?  Or simply the fact that there is no excuse for you, that you are a low life, non-intelligent life form with no respect, care, or compassion in your soul?

Maybe life hasn't handed you everything you think you deserve.  Here's a thought, get a job and work for it, no one needs to hand you anything.  And you certainly do not have the right to reach out and take it!  You do have the right to get a job, work hard, save up your money and purchase it for yourself.  And it isn't about having a phone, because on any given day, in any parking lot in the city you can pick up a free smart phone with data and minutes at no cost to you. It was about spite, vengeance, and entitlement. 

Well dear Punk, I hope you enjoy that pink wrapped paper weight that you stole.  I had it shut off the second I discovered it gone, I know for a fact that no calls or texts came in or out of it.  When I shut it off you no longer had access to anything about it.  I also filed a police report.  If they find it, I assure you I am prepared to press charges.  Maybe you know a master hacker or will try to pawn it for some cash.  Who knows.  What I do know is that you are the proud possessor (yeah, you can't be an owner you didn't work for it or pay for it) of a pink wrapped paperweight.

I have worked in the area I do for over six years.  Despite everyone warning me it didn't feel safe.  Never in six years have I felt frightened or concerned.  I still don't feel frightened, I feel violated.  I am tired today from lack of sleep, feeling dirty and wrong.  As I drove home last night I was terrified, not of you (you are just a self-entitled, spineless punk), but because I have to drive through some rather rough areas and due to construction I spent a significant amount of time stopped in the dark in a vulnerable area.  I spent that time frightened because if something happened I would not be able to call for help.  If my children need me or someone in my family does, they cannot reach me. All because of you.

I've ordered my replacement phone, I will work a few more days to pay for yet another phone.  It will be an inconvenience. Thankfully I had just dumped all my pictures.  I hope I can remember all my new passwords that I had to set up to stop you from having access to my information, although my carrier assures me that I didn't need to...

You've caused me a bit of stress, inconvenience, and anger.  You've cost me money I didn't really have to spend.  All so you could possess something that didn't belong to you, and that you had no claim to.  Something you were too lazy to work for on your own... And we wonder what is wrong with this country! 

Punks like you are what is wrong. 

The woman you stole from....

p.s. My anger is already fading... I know that in the end you will answer for your petty ignorance... I hope you are a fan of warmth and suffering, because on the path that you are following... well... it ain't gonna be pretty for you...