Monday, August 12, 2013


What an awesome, delightful non-productive weekend... Oh I know I will pay for it, trying to catch up this week, especially since I said I switch and work this weekend to help out the boss.  But what a weekend!

On Saturday, I spent the morning creating.  That always puts me in balance.  The pleasure of seeing something go from a pile of raw material to something of use is so rewarding! I am working on the hats for the craft show.  I should have probably worked on the two quilts that are waiting... but simply wasn't feeling it.  I don't force myself to work on projects when I am not feeling it, that is a recipe for disaster!

Minion inspired cuteness!
Saturday evening found me like a fish out of water. It is pretty well established that even though I was not raised on a farm, I am a country girl down to the bottom of my very soul.  I don't need cities, I don't need displays of vulgar wealth, and I am most at home in a sweet little mom and pop shop/restaurant. So how did I find myself at Plaza Frontenac?  Sheer luck?  I felt so out of place, it was a cute restaurant, although they really did not have great margaritas despite their claims. Sitting in what appeared to be a rustic type place looking at Sacs Fifth Avenue, surrounded by folks pretending to dress casually, was just odd! Even their house margarita tasted off.  I think I would have been happier at one of our authentic Mexican places on the east side of the river, where a house margarita is $.99 and tasty. Although I don't often pick Mexican, not my favorite...

Good thing the company was amazing!  And it was. We were celebrating a birthday from July, I personally kept quiet, no one needed to celebrate mine!  How embarrassing for B, lots of tipsy folks singing off key... poor guy...

Sunday dawned bright and clear, tried to see the meteor showers over night, but was not able to get far away from the city lights... maybe tonight on the drive home.

View of our seats from way above!

Yesterday was all about the Cardinals!  And Cardinal Nation!!  St. Louis has it's issues and problems, we have football, hockey and baseball... but during the steamy days of summer into the cool fall, we are first and foremost united in our love of baseball!!  Sure we support  football and hockey, but our baseball fans are unique.The sea of red, the folks filling the streets, bars and homes focused to see what they will do.

Daddy waiting for his girl to arrive...
Look down Daddy...they are here!

With the Cardiac Cards you are almost always promised an exciting game that will have you cheering, pouting and praying all in one action packed game.
Yep this is from our seats!

Yesterday was the last in the Cubs series, and hubby had gotten us great seats!  One of the twins and her boyfriend joined us, great fun!  As we sat in the sun, waiting for the shade to overcome us, we got to enjoy one of the longest games of the season, it was a hard fought victory, and so worth tolerating the heat to enjoy.  I have only been to one game where they lost, so I was a bit apprehensive as they have been in a losing streak.  I simply didn't want to see my Cards lose and seriously did not want to see them lose to the CUBS!

After a few stressful moments, they held their own and won!  For an August day, the weather was amazing, the shade had covered us in less than two hours, and the breeze was perfect!  It was a great day for baseball, family and fun!!
Daddy, his girl and her guy!

Aren't they so adorable, surrounded by a sea of red!
Nah, chores didn't get done, lawn didn't get mowed, rushing around this morning to get laundry done, have a long list to tackle this morning.  But I had a relaxing weekend!  Sometimes, you simply need those days to balance out the rest.  Today begins a long stretch... They make me tired, but they are survivable.  Hopefully we will have a new motorcycle before the week is out and I will get the chance to have a few rides before some of those days...

How was your weekend?