Thursday, August 15, 2013

Motivation by weather??

Don't you love waking up to mornings that feel custom ordered?  I know the calendar says it is August 15, normally the hottest time of the year here in the mid-west!  Usually we are praying the temperature drops to a nice muggy 80 while we slept.  Shoot, last year at this time simply the act of opening the door was enough to melt your mascara and make you think of moving to Alaska.  This morning... it's a balmy 53!!  Perfect in my world!!

I am enjoying my steaming coffee, the soft coolness from outside, and slowly waking up to a glorious day.  I am not a summer girl.  I do not enjoy heat, not a fan at all of the special muggy humidity that lives here in the mid-west.  I tolerate it, simply because I can truly say I enjoy the other three seasons, but ugghhh summer does not equal friendship in my world.

Makes me want to go out and plant a fall garden.  Sadly, I will not be doing that, at least not today.  I will be heading to work.  Because I also have a special passion for being able to pay my living expenses. I am hoping this beautiful weather hangs out.  I would love to be able to put some beds in when I am off again next week.  My daughter made me so jealous last night, she sent a picture of her bowl of peppers.  YUM!  Bragging about the tomatoes she is giving away, when I didn't even manage to plant any.  Oh well... next year will come around.

Honestly it made me so happy that a bit of my need to garden and grow things has rubbed off on her.  Her "garden" isn't huge, in fact most of these beautiful peppers and tomatoes were grown in hanging pots off her deck.  The girl is amazing.

Today will find me tackling some new things at work, which I am honestly kind of excited about.  I am going in search of some awesome volunteers... I want to expand the series of classes that I am dreaming of, teaching people the skills that are fading away... Knitting, crochet, any of the "craft" arts.  We are also working on building a book club - crazy right? So glad that B has accepted the challenge to do this.  So exciting!  And finally, I am going in search of lay ministers.  I hope to reach out to all of the local churches for input on this.  And of course I want to start laying the ground work for next years trivia.  Add to that the planning for the fall session in the pool... It will be busy, but rewarding.

The cool air motivates me to do more, I feel energized.  I know it will be a great day at work, full of forward motion and progress.  And when I get home, I will be a crafting fool, I have so many things to get ready for October and in the process of creating what I need for the show I have had gotten two orders for this week alone.  I was finally able to deliver the quilt I had made, and the smile was amazing!  I love my extra curricular career!!  It fills me with joy and happiness...

How is your August going?