Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saying Goodbye... moving forward... good stuff!

Very similar to what we are getting... Hello!!
Of course I am up way too early... that seems to be a standard thing with me.  There is something just wrong about waking up before five when you are on holiday!  I did need to get up a bit early, we are driving down to Potosi this morning.  It's official, we are trading our property in Sullivan for a motorcycle.  This is a good thing.

Hubby and I love to ride!  It is something that will be close at hand, not require packing, loading, unloading.  It is something we can easily make happen for us. 

Keeping up with two places with our work schedules simply wasn't happening.  I can hardly keep up with one.  Add to that the allergies I have developed concerning there, make it darn near impossible to ever go.

What we are leaving behind... Good bye!

This is a very good thing!  I am excited about exploring again.  It's amazing the number of places you can explore without ever going more than 100 miles from your own front door. 

I am a bit apprehensive. 

Hubby and I are both the kind of people that find ourselves immersed in the "hobbies" we have.  And will both ignore other things to do what we want to do.  This is concerning for me, because I am working so hard on my quilting and growing that.  And I have also committed to the craft show in October. 

This is actually what woke me up this morning. 

Three of the most recent and the black one is already sold....

I am feeling like I am not anywhere close to having enough hats ready, and that I do not have enough time to devote to getting ready.  Yikes, I am making myself panicky! I spoke with the director in charge of the show I am committing to yesterday.  It seemed so... well real!  I felt so unprepared...

I am twisting and turning inside... feeling excited, anxious and overwhelmed...

I've never ridden on a Harley, I am looking forward to riding again.  I am responsible enough to know I have committed to having a booth at the craft show and I need to be prepared.  I have a quilt ready to quilt for someone on the frame now. 

Juggling my wanna life, with my real one, just got a lot more complicated!