The Perfect Way to End the Day...

The day started kind of rocky... I was not thinking it was going to end on a positive note at all! In fact... I figured it was going to go sliding downhill really fast.  I hadn't realized what our timeline was for leaving, so I was rushing around. Feeling out of control.

We finally get to Potosi, only to receive a text from the folks we were dealing with that they were still 45 minutes out.  So after the strongest cup of coffee I have ever drank, I am fairly sure if I had put the spoon in the cup it would have stood up straight, we finally met up with them.

To say she was as charming as salt on an open wound... would be too kind.  That woman was HIGH maintenance!!  She was freaking out about a million things that no one could control or change, the poor kid at the title office looked like he had drawn the short straw for walking across a mine field.  She drove me nuts, absolutely nuts!  While I felt incredibly sorry for hubby and usually we are the exact opposite when dealing with nutty people, I walked away.  I told him that IF we ever got around to signing the quit claim deed to call me and I would come back in.  I simply was done with her.  After a full month I was ready to just get back in the car and walk away from the whole deal.

After all we still had the "stalker" wanting the property.  That guy had managed to find our house and was leaving us notes on the door.

Isn't she pretty glistening in the sunshine?
Two hours later, we finally signed all of the documents and the hubby was strapping on his helmet and drooling over his new toy!  He was like a little boy, the whole ninety minute drive his smile was evident in my rear view mirror.

Hubs had a webinar when we got home, so I sat around and kicked back while he took care of that, trying to figure out a way to put my hair that didn't cause birds nest ends.

And then...

Ahhhh... how I have missed it.  We were tooling down country back roads, taking our time with no where special to be.

The smell of fresh cut alfalfa, the sun and wind warm and soft on my face.  The heat mixed perfectly with the breeze.  The stress of life simply oozing out of every pore.

The country side passing quickly by, the deer playing in the fields, the fish scavenging along the top of  the water when we passed the Silver Creek over flow.  Kids playing in all the school yards. Clouds slipping across the pure blue sky promising cooler temperatures where coming.  Those spots where for no reason the temperature drops to chilly cold, if only for a brief moment in time.

I still don't like right turns... maybe something in a previous life, but I hate to turn right, and it isn't just on motorcycles.  I can't stand it on a bike either.  It just makes me sick to my stomach in a really big way.  Hubby tells me I handle it okay, even though I am about climbing out of my skin.

We stopped and had a Fountain Cherry Ski (or two - perfect way to beat the heat)  and a Wally burger at Wally's in Breeze.  I love it there.  One of my favorite places to go.
The home of the most amazing burgers and Ski

I am not sure why we gave up our bike before.  Because snuggled up behind him, with my eyes closed and my arms stretched out flying along, I felt pure peace.  Love and peace, the perfect blend to balance out life.

As the day was turning into night, hubby's new toy got locked up safe and sound, tomorrow we will leave early and enjoy the day.  Simply cruising around back roads, looking for something unexpected and wonderful.

Who knows what is waiting just down the road...

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