Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On the road again...

YMCA Trout Lodge
I haven't even packed yet and I am already missing HOME!!  Home is where I am most centered and function the best.  I need time with my family, my pets, my stuff... so even though I am going to be in a beautiful setting surrounded by people that I enjoy spending quality time with, I am going to miss home.

I will try to find a moment or two to write while I am gone, but internet is kinda sketchy and time looks like it will be really limited.  We have a pretty full agenda, lots of activities and sessions.  I am trying to decide what sessions I feel the strongest about.  I know there are several that I have done in the past, so I will probably skip those. There are a few new presenters so maybe I will take theirs and see what their spin is on the subject... decisions, decisions and I haven't even had a full cup of coffee yet.

On the plus side, during the "down" time there is so much to do down at Trout Lodge.  Hopefully the leaves will have started to change and the sun will be out. There are beautiful walking paths or sitting on the deck. The carp in the lake are almost as big a person and it is delightful to sit and watch them swim and beg.

Hubby will take care of the home front, loving on my boys, and watching a lot of television... I will miss them.

I guess I'd better stop whining and start packing... seems I have a trip to take...