Celebrating The B's!

Maybe I should have read my horoscope yesterday, it might have warned me it was going to be one of those days.  The ones where you chase your tail and run as fast as you can to get absolutely no where.  Because it sure was!

I try hard to stay focused on days like that.  Making detailed lists and working through each step.  I struggle sometimes when I get overloaded like that.  My brain wants to shut down and quit working.  It starts to mix things up, or simply forget about them completely.  On days like that... it is everything I can do to simply maintain.

I think I would be completely lost without The B's.  They are more than administrative support.  They sense when it's one of those days.  They effortlessly keep things together so that even though I am melting down slowly, they seem to be the only two that know it.  Papers that I have misplaced will miraculously reappear. Stuff that I have printed and in my haste forgotten seems to have legs to arrive at my desk.

When my world is overwhelming and I need space, they both understand and step back to give me quiet support.  Unlike some who insist that whatever they want to say is what I must listen to, despite being asked to give me a minute.  They get it.

They both use laughter and a positive attitude to make even the rockiest days smooth as a beach pebble.  I really would be lost without them.  I know they have my back.  I know that I can count on both of them to accomplish their tasks and then think twelve steps forward to what might be coming.

They are my work family.  The folks that I look for to celebrate with and to share struggles. I enjoy being there when they are there and miss them when they are away. They are both strong women, that have overcome so much in their lives.  I respect and admire them for their strength.  I  don't know as I could ever be as strong as they are. But what an amazing pair of role models they are if I ever need to find out.

They seem to know that there are days that no matter what, I am simply not going to remember things and will struggle to keep things moving in the right direction. They are both full of amazing qualities.  And I am thankful to be able to call both of them friends.  I know that I am the supervisor, luckily for me they are not the kind that need much supervision, they are the kind that simply know.  So I am blessed that they can also be my friends.

I am optimistic that today will be better... those kind of days don't happen often... It will still be crazy busy, that isn't going to stop for for quite some time.  Quilting class starts again tonight.  I am so excited about that.  I figure with The B's and quilting life will be just fine...

I am  blessed!

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