Prayers for loved ones...

Well... hello... I missed everyone!  I am so sorry that I have been away so long.  Seems that this particular week has been the toughest I have dealt with in a long time.  Brain fog is no fun, and it's hard to keep a consistent thought going strong.

It's been an emotional roller coaster, a time of serious thought about the changes I am finding in me, and it's all been in a blur.

As it gets progressively colder here in the Mid-west and the beautiful tapestry of colors that surrounds us is fading into a rich deepness with the bare branches shining through more and more.  I am finding myself praying harder for family and friends that I love. 

One dear friend lost her father-in-law to cancer, she'd lost her husband to it just over two years ago.  Another one came and told me he lost a cousin earlier in the week to the same. Another on Facebook is helping her father struggle through his treatments. Another dear friend told me there was mention of ovarian cancer... that about sent me off the deep end!

Cancer is insidious and it is amazing to me, that in this world of ours we can't spend more time learning to defeat it at every turn.  I am sure the knowledge exists and I am sure the funding exists.  We can build machines to send people into space, we are creating microbots, and still it is growing. Claiming more lives like a giant monster!

Why?  Is it a big money maker for pharmaceutical companies?  Do we really not value human life?  And please do not get me started about the disaster that is Obamacare!  Because I for one know what it feels like to pay a large amount for my healthcare (by choice) to lose all my doctors in one fell swoop.  I have to start from scratch again.

I am concerned that our country and others simply don't care.  They are focused on things that will make a few rich beyond words, and they will get the elite medical care, and they will get the best of everything.  And the rest of us... who cares.

We can't cure cancer?  Why not!!  I wish more people would demand it!  I am sure that we can, I am equally sure there is a reason that we aren't. And I just don't get it.  You give money to charities to help a cause, but how much really ends up going to research?  I used to be a huge supporter of the Komen Race, it started as such a powerful fundraiser for something important to me.  Now more of the money raised goes towards the events and less and less is going to the research.

I hear where our government and huge corporations have grants available for the study of every stupid thing on earth.  And I do mean stupid... who cares what earthworms do? Lets focus on stopping cancer, and then work our way through the rest of the illnesses that are wiping us out. 

And I am not just saying that about cancer.  It's just been one heck of a week of it! I firmly believe that our "solution" to most medical issues is to throw increasingly expensive medicines at it, to mask it, but not cure it. 

I know for myself personally, I decided over a decade ago, that I was not taking the "prescribed" course.  I wasn't living a medicated life.  Strangest thing... I stopped and started to get "better". This week is a solid reminder that it isn't cured.  But 90% of the time, I am able to forget.  I will take that. 

This leads me to a dilemma... are we truly trying to cure anything?  Or are we using it as a way to control population? Is that why our government really wants control of our healthcare?  Or do they truly care that people are suffering?  Because all people have always had access to health care, it was their choice how they received it.

I need to say another set of prayers this morning.  I hope that if you are a prayerful person you will be kind enough to include my dear friends in your daily prayers.  Regardless of your beliefs, I believe in a very powerful God, one that has already laid out the plan and is in complete control!  I am aware that not everyone feels that way, but if you are a believer in anything more powerful than us, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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