Today I didn't...

I could have.  I thought about it for a minute.  And then I decided no. Actually I am pretty sure this silly body decided no, but I willingly went along for the ride.

Today I didn't clean my house, do my chores, or really anything else of import.  Today, I did the necessary items and that was all!  A load of laundry or two - purely out of necessity.  Hubby is still struggling with night sweats and those sheets get foul pretty darn quick.  Fixed a couple of meals, didn't want my men folk wasting away.  Walked the boys, because the alternative was definitely not on my to do list.

Other than that... I simply didn't.  I sat with my sore leg elevated, partially tore the Achilles in it a few years back and frankly it's talking to me.  It is not my strong leg and it kept me up most of the night.  I am afraid these past few weeks have involved way too many steps for that silly leg.  So today, I rested it.  I simply sat any way that made it comfortable, guess what... not much made it comfortable. Here it is over twelve hours later and frankly I am afraid to try to sleep.  It was really quite argumentative last night, and I am not interested in continuing the conversation.

Lunch for two...
So instead of doing all the chores on my list, spoiling my family or anything else.  I drank hot coffee, for awhile it was laced with some yummy Bailey's Irish Cream (a Christmas gift from my folks), but then I realized that was slowing down my knitting so, straight black it was. And I knit.

I started the day with the hubby, he's really starting to turn the corner and has been able to join us for a few short hours at a time.  So while the son slept, after I took the boys for their morning walk, hubs and I watched a few of the Christmas shows he'd recorded for me and I continued to knit.  I wanted something mindless and soothing.  I worked on a sock.  I have been wanting a blue pair forever, so... the set I started at the hospital when hubby had his surgery got some serious attention.  I cannot simply sit and watch television.  My hands get antsy.
Starting to look more like his cheerful self!
After a bit, Hubs got tired and after we made the bed (again) he snuggled up for a long winters nap.  It was gloomy and gray this morning, perfect for napping.  About the time he was drifting off the son was waking up.  Bless his little heart he came home and got sick. We need to go and get his new glasses (yep, we did practical for Christmas), but he wasn't up to going out and neither was I.

Besides, I couldn't help but wonder how accurate your eye exam is when you have sinus pressure and blurry vision.  Any optometrists out there want to weigh in? After we discussed the intelligence of that we made the decision to simply stay at home inside and found a series on Netflix that neither of us had seen.  It was cold and raining by then and that seemed the safest solution for all concerned parties.

My fibro was starting to complain rather loudly as a result and I simply felt ill equip to do much else.  Jeez, what a fun house we are... I am the healthiest of all and I am fairly sure the darn turtle could beat me in the quarter mile.

Our pups and the kitty snuggled us one after another, trying their best to let us know they understood and were there for us. Funny thing, that 6 pound kitty rapidly feels to weigh about 100 pounds when she is sitting on your tired achy bones.

By the time I went out to walk the boys this afternoon, the rain had turned to ice pellets.  I would much rather have snow than ice.  I am hoping there is zero accumulation.  We have had warm temperatures so I am fairly optimistic.

The men folk both retired to bed a bit ago, the youngest has been resting for hours.  The older one, went up about an hour ago.  Cold, icy nights cause you to want to hide in warm covers.

And me... well, I simply didn't.  I have knit, rested, knit some more.  Tomorrow is soon enough to face the world.

Only about three more inches of knitting and this sock will be finished.  I will have managed to complete one pair of socks for myself out of my whole year of planned knitting.  I remember starting this year, I was going to keep up with the knit-a-long, one pair of socks each month.  Sadly... life got in the way.  I only managed to complete 4 pair all year.  This was probably the worst year of sock knitting for me, ever!  Usually I get at least 6 pairs done of which I manage to keep at least one or two.

This year has been crazy and insane.  I am anxious to usher it out.  I want to face 2015 in a totally different manner, maybe that is why I felt so strongly about resting today?  Or maybe it was simply that 2014 has worn me out!  It has kicked me physically, mentally and emotionally.  And frankly, I am a bit tired of being kicked.

Sitting still here tonight, stretching my fingers by typing this I am anxious to get back to knitting those silly socks.  They feel like they are simply representative of how I feel.  Anxious to complete them, to have something to show for today.  So that it doesn't feel that I completely wasted a fine, dreary, cold and gloomy winter day.

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