Sunday, December 21, 2014

Almost time...

It's a quiet Sunday here in Manchester, "do you hear what I hear" is playing on the stereo,hot coffee in my cup,  a fire is crackling in the fireplace, and the lights on the tree are beautiful.  My world feels whole and fairly perfect right now.  It's the last Sunday before Christmas, and I am blessed to have all my babies within a half mile. One grand won't arrive until Tuesday, but we have everyone else in our little bubble.

My boy arrived home yesterday, waiting for him to appear I was so close to tears.  I sure didn't realize how very much I missed him.  That first hug home.  Priceless!  For a small window in time it was me and my babies.  Just the three of us.  Those moments are so rare now, that I treasure them even more.

I haven't finished presents, baking or anything else.  A Martha Stewart Christmas this will not be.  And truthfully it is okay, because it will a family Christmas to remember!  One for the record books!

Hubby is reasonably healthy, my babies are all here, I am off work and able to truly focus on my family (which is truthfully something I have been needing), and all of my grand kids are around.  What could be more perfect?

Last night at a very late dinner with my girl, boy and two of the grands I was talking to the grands about what they wanted for Christmas... I absolutely laughed when my relatively quiet grandson decided he knew exactly what he wanted for Christmas... 4 pans of lasagna (mine) to keep in the freezer so he could have it whenever he wanted it.  That just cracked me up.  Not such a big request, and very easy to make happen. My girl is doing a great job with them kiddo's.  The grand daughter only asked for a couple of things and then stated what she'd told her great grandma, and she meant it to... she would like meat.  These two cracked me up!   You would think there is no food in their house and actually that is the furthest thing in the world.

Funny thing, for the first time ever our tree has just a few gifts under it, not because we can't afford it.  But because there is a great deal of time and thought being put into each gift that is under there.  No one has much time right now to just aimlessly walk around buying non-meaningful gifts.  My boy wants new glasses, my girl - well she hasn't told me much.  The twins want gift cards for things like gas and coffee.  I am proud of them all.

Me??  I have everything I want and need... I have my babies altogether, a fire in the fireplace and carols playing.  What more could a mom want or need?

Yep, even my four legged babies feel momma doesn't need a spot on the bed... but it's okay...