Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Whew... what a morning...

What a morning!  It started at 4:40 and hasn't slowed down yet, although I am enjoying my coffee and a bit of quiet time.  But... dogs are walked, lizard and turtle fed, Hubby showered and put into bed and to top it off all the blood has been cleaned out of my ecru carpeting from the big dogs hurt paw.  Is it really only eight o'clock?

I have no idea what the big guy did, but he's somehow managed to take a chunk out of the pad of his hind leg.  I thought maybe it was from the injured foot.  He has one that was damaged before we got him, it had healed and the vet said re-breaking it would only cause him more pain and that it was okay.  He fusses at it a bit when the weather gets bad.  I am sure it aches a lot.  So I assumed he'd done that again.  Same foot, but different place.  I am not sure if he hurt it while we were walking this morning, or maybe he was worrying the old injury and got a little aggressive... Darn little bugger refuses to tell me what he did, and not for lack of trying.

So I've managed to upset him terribly, but I did get medicine on it, that stopped the bleeding.  Held him still for five very long minutes to give it time to work.  And proceeded to apply oxy clean to most of my upstairs carpeting.  Goodness!

I thought the struggle of the morning was gonna be showering (yeah lets use that term) the Hubs!  The doc has refused to allow showers until the staples come out, that is still another week out, so helping him get cleaned has been a bit of a challenge.  I am happy to say that he is getting stronger each day and is now able to stand without the walker long enough to get cleaned up.  It makes life so much easier!  Hard to believe that a week ago he could barely move himself at all... getting him home was a huge challenge.  Seven days later, he is able to stand without the walker for a "shower"/bucket bath!

He's always been someone that heals quickly, for that I am thankful!  He also heals well.  When he tried to cut his finger off, table saw to the knuckle, the orthopedic surgeon said it would never heal right, the knuckle wouldn't repair and best case the tip would just kind of flop around.  Yeah, that is definitely the diagnosis a squeamish wife that has been sitting there for hours dealing with blood truly wants to hear. Six weeks later, the doctor was as surprised as we were, I wonder how he'd feel now if he could see him use it, bend it and knowing that he has "feeling" in it.

I was so happy this morning when I was bandaging his leg, note I said I am squeamish and this has been torture for me, and he told me that it didn't hurt at all at the wound for me to clean it.  Granted he'd had a pain pill an hour earlier, but the pain is getting milder.  I am so thankful!

The days are slowly getting more normal, more of what they used to be.  We've been dealing with this for so many months now, that I'd forgotten what normal felt like.  I know we will have reached complete success when he is well enough to help my walk those two boys again.  I can tell you some mornings are simply not enjoyable.  Today was one.  Today was both wanting to go different directions and at different speeds.

I am tired today.  I am hurting.  Today I think will be me sitting and working on "still" projects while he rests. I have so many to catch up on... Life has put me so far behind, and I am trying to catch up...