Saturday, February 2, 2013

At the Crossroads of Gotta and Wanna

It's been a hectic week at work and the home front sure seems to have suffered a bit.  But sometimes the gottas win over the wannas. This week started out filled with a lot of wannas - things I truly wanted to do.  A plan was in place to make sure I blogged each day, got at least the body of mom's sweater done, and made my boys some beef jerky treats.  The gottas - the things I truly needed to do were a bit lighter and mostly in the professional arena.  Make a budget, checked that one off, but the rest are still lingering in the zone waiting for me to find a few extra hours this weekend.  This is where the challenges are going to come in.

Isn't the texture of the lace so pretty?

Slow progress, very slow... Tick Tock I can hear that clock...
 Monday afternoon the boss came in my office looking rather puny, for lack of a better description, and my enthusiasm at the productive meeting the team and I had just wrapped up quickly evaporated.  In what might be perceived under different circumstances as a career limiting move, I suggested that she was quite ill and that she leave my office and go home.  She stalled for a bit, but turns out I was right.  She has a particularly nasty case of the flu and she's been out and will be out for a few more days at least.

Being the kind of person that I am, my inner lion kicked in and man it's been a busy week!  And if all the stars weren't seeming to be out of whack to begin with by Wednesday we were sure of it!  I work with a great team of folks that think of the good of the order a lot more often than they think of the good of the one.

Another staff member had an emergency with her son and is spending a whole lot of time in the ICU with him, and I was simply so proud of her supervisor when she came to me with a plan to insure they had at least one nutritious meal a day.  The whole family has some health issues that are not helped by hospital food and since you can't send flowers to ICU, the entire team got together to plan lunches for everyday. Each day we are taking turns providing lunch for the three of them.  I am so proud to say that I work with such a caring and compassionate young woman! And with a team of people that were more than willing to help her reach the goal of providing comfort!

This weekend was supposed to be boss lady's, mine was next weekend. Now I am not for a minute going to lie and say I love duty weekend, I don't.  Although it does have some benefits and it will provide me with a relatively good chunk of time to get caught up on a few things.  I am working this weekend, and if boss lady is back she will take mine next week.  If not that same young woman offered to take mine and boss lady can simply take her's. I was prepared to take on the challenge of 19 straight days, but I cannot say that I was excited about the possibility.  Thank you Liz, this week was your week to be a rock star!

As I get ready to pack my lunch today and get ready for work, I am already reworking my plans in my head.  I still wanna get some of those things done, but I know realistically I gotta focus on that other stuff that has to happen.  Weekend duty makes me tired and saps my energy.  I long ago learned to work around a lingering illness from a tick bite years ago, but I still struggle when I can't manage a healthy life balance.  So I will be mixing up the day a bit squeezing in laundry and ironing.  I will spend my breaks this weekend paying bills and working on the gotta list for my personal life.  And if everything goes well, I will spend my afternoons and evenings trying to work on that wanna list.  Some knitting, cooking and planning, and some quality time with my sweetie...

The most wonderful dog treat recipes I have found!

 I am a very responsible person, so the gottas pretty much always win out (or I start losing sleep fretting about it), but... my wannas are making it tough!  How do you handle it when the gottas and the wannas are feuding and you are caught in the middle?