The Unexpected!

At 1:26 pm yesterday I got a text, a simple text, that read "just passed Corning"... huh?  To say I was surprised to see it would be an understatement.  That text was from my mom and it was letting me know she was just over 3 hours away.

My parents have become a bit unpredictable in the past year, and it isn't a bad thing, it's actually rather funny!  On Monday one of my sisters had started to organize a meet half way birthday lunch for Mom, she will be 70 on Monday.  By Wednesday Mom and Dad had decided to come to Illinois instead, mind you initially Sikeston was too far of a drive, so the decision to come all the way here... "well surprise, surprise" (I can actually hear Gomer Pyle saying that in my head). By Thursday with the storm rolling in the decision was made to wait until maybe next weekend. And evidently by Friday morning with the sun shining bright in Arkansas, they decided to head out. 

My folks have traveled an interesting road to where they are today, but I have to tell you since Thanksgiving there has simply been no telling what they are going to do next.  It's okay, because they both smile and laugh so much more now, and do completely unexpected things.  Like deciding to drive all the way to Illinois for the day.  We all know this is Dad's idea, Mom is a homebody.  She loves to see her family but she prefers to have them come to her.  Dad on the other hand is the traveler always looking for a new adventure.  Although their logic was pretty darn sound. Why drive a total of 10 hours in one day to have lunch, when you can drive 6 hours each in two and spend a couple of nights in a hotel and have lots of time for visiting?

The next text 5:52 pm "here call me".  I did.  They had checked into the hotel down the road from my house and were gathering kids. A quick stop at my daughter's house to pick up our Ava and off we went.

Off to find out what kind of surprise Gramma and Grampa had for her
 The weekend plans are different than they were yesterday, and it's just okay with me!  I am so happy to have time to spend with my folks.   And I have to admit, I loved the devil smile on Dad's face that connected with his eyes when he said "it's my idea".  I loved watching them together at dinner last night, the smiles and the laughter, it was good stuff.  And my daughter's smile when she reached her Gramma's hug last night was priceless.  And I sure loved the hug I got from both of them.  Especially my Daddy, for too many years he wasn't part of our world, and I love that he is back in the center with Momma.

Two peas in a pod

It's the Wicked Pieces Twins!

Teasing in the elevator heading to dinner
No telling what kind of conversations we are having

 It's gonna be a great Saturday, before they go cruising off in their new car heading back to Arkansas for their Monday morning appointment.  They are good for each other, and it makes me smile!

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