It's FRIDAY!!!

I love the brightness of fresh snow at night!
Woo Hoo!!  What could possibly make a Friday better?  A delayed start to work, that is what! It was heavenly sleeping in that extra hour, I am fairly certain that I completely needed it, as I didn't even wake up at my normal time.  And having the chance to ease into the day is so perfect... gave me time to day dream and plan the weekend!

And boy do I have plans for the weekend.  The plan to see Mom before her birthday, but sadly, Mother Nature decided that was not going to happen.  Our little winter storm has made it an unsafe drive for her and Dad, so maybe we can spend next weekend together.  I will admit I am bumming a bit as I cannot wait to see her face when she opens her gift.

Night glow on the snow last night

But... that isn't going to slow me down!  My weekend will be filled with activities, I have the normal weekend chores of laundry and ironing. I want to make a batch of bread to pop in the fridge to see us through the week. I am considering making a batch of wine jelly (I have a couple of random bottles of reds that are not going to get drank at this point and I want to try the recipe), it intrigues me and also encourages my "waste not want not" spirit. I have a hat that was ordered to get finished and I want to make a few batches of soap, my grand baby loves my soap and is rapidly running through my stash.

On top of all my "homemaker" goals we are going to finally go out with friends!

So excited that for the first time in wwwwaaaayyyyyy too long we are going out with some of my favorite folks to play trivia at a benefit for one of the Y's World Service projects.  It should be great fun, even if we stink, at least we will be laughing.

Hopefully, Hubby is going to have the time to help me get my Etsy shop started, my goal is to have it up and running by March 1.  I have asked him to help me manage the part that is holding me back, he can run the site and I can create.

Well... it's time to get ready to tackle the drive in, I am not worried about the weather and the road, I am worried about the crazy people that forget to drive appropriately for the conditions... I am sure it will be the only stressful part to an otherwise good day!

Light rain = just starting to look ugly!

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