Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The jukebox in my mind...

I cannot be the only person that hears it.  I often find I have a soundtrack running through my brain.  I love music, not like my hubby loves music, I prefer mine to be soft and internal. Although, sometimes I need it external, loud and soul shaking! It seems to reflect how things are going in my life or day.

And usually it is old music, nothing current ever seems to run through my head.  There are always the old country songs or the oldies, every now and again a snippet of something fairly current sneaks in, but that is very rare.  In fact "in the corner of my mind there's a jukebox, playing all my favorite memories..." has been running through my head since the middle of the night.  Every time I drifted awake there it was. Yesterday didn't end so well and that song tends to always be there when I need comfort.

Luckily hubby is a huge fan of jazz, it is easy to listen to so it doesn't grate on my nerves or make me jumpy.  Sometimes it clashes with what is playing in my head though.  I wonder if this is odd.  I wonder if anyone else has the soundtrack of their lives playing in their head from time to time.  The songs I hear are ones that have a strong meaning to me ones that are connected to memories that either made me profoundly happy or sad.  I often tease him that he is putting a sound track to life, without realizing that I actually do the same thing.

Is it going to be a "walking on sunshine" or "skip idy do dah, thank you Lord" kind of day, or is it going to be more of a morose, stressful one?  I haven't figured out where the skip button is, like on Pandora, so whatever wants to play keeps on playing.   I also haven't found out where the genre selection is located. But as I can't think of the lyrics to any songs that make me sad, I am guessing it is going to be an okay kind of day and I don't have to keep searching for that selector knob. 

I hope that everyone has a jukebox in their mind, it helps to balance and mellow the day.  I also find that it helps me refocus when things are going pretty cruddy.  Although, I must admit it's annoying when something I really don't want to hear gets in there and won't go away... well then it just... stinks!  Like a needle stuck in the old ruts of an album.

What song is playing on your internal jukebox?