Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

It's her birthday!  It's her birthday!!  My sweet little grandbaby is eight today!  I wish I were able to take the day off and enjoy it with her, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. Too much other stuff going on this week.  It's okay, her mommy needs time to enjoy her.  She's been on vacation and traveling with different family members all summer.  Mom has barely seen her more than we have.

I remember the morning we got the call that she was on her way.  Hubby and I were fishing up in New Athens.  We'd been there all morning, we had decided to continue our celebration of my birthday by doing some fun stuff for us.  Truth be told, I was bumming a bit, as my ex was in town and I simply don't share my babies well.  So I was a bit pouty.  So in typical Hubby fashion he had me out catching fish and trying to avoid ticks (you get Lyme once and that is truly a freaky feeling), totally distracted from my imagined hurt feelings and enjoying the sunshine.

Until the phone call...

She was on her way...

And evidently Gramma-to-be had forgotten that first babies are not notorious for arriving early.  So it was a long day...

I remember waiting my turn to hold her, I was in quite a mood... as my ex held her first.  Now don't get me wrong, I get along great with him, and was so happy he was there... I just was being a kid at Christmas and I didn't want to wait!

When I finally held her, that bond was instant!!  She is my mini-me.  My travel buddy, my cook helper, my best little buddy! She never fails to make me laugh, smile and cry with joy.  A hug from my baby girl can solve anything the world throws at me.

She has Gramma and Grampa wrapped around her little pinky finger, there is NOTHING in this world we won't do for or with her.  She is one of the main reasons we've moved. To know she is around the corner, its amazing and wonderful.

At some point today, we will love on her!  She's amazing and we are blessed!

Happy Birthday Baby girl!!  We love you!!!