Who's winning the race?

Brrr... yes I really said that in the Midwest in August...

It's raining outside, and it makes me remember the beautiful rains in Brazil.  At the time I was not so fond of it, it was cold and non-stop.  Gentle and persistent. That is how it is falling here today. I was hoping to take the boys for a walk after it let up a bit, but the old guy was not at all inclined to wait.  Odd, considering back in the days of being let out back to do his business he would have none of the rain, it wasn't happening.

So off in the rain I went.  It's actually a warm rain until it really starts to soak in.  Then not so much.  It was so quiet out there.  No sound really, just the occasional soft rustle of the water in the drainage pipes. Rushing to the river down the hill.

The air, has that beautiful fresh smell that comes from a morning rain and walking two big boys in that kind of beauty gives me time to think and focus.  I enjoy the peace that can be found in silence.  I love the time it gives me to clear my thoughts, plan my day, pray and talk to God.  Yes, I do that on a regular basis...

This morning walking in the stillness, I was reflecting on the past two days and the trouble that has come to our area.

I was blessed this week to attend The Global Leadership Summit, I've never been before, and now I can't imagine not going ever again.  I feel like my spiritual, mental and emotional buckets have been filled to over-flowing.  It didn't hurt that I was blessed to absorb those two days with so many people that have such a strong influence on me.  Including my Brazil buddy and one of my long time friends in St. L.... sitting between the two of them really made it rewarding.

Some of my dear friends from Ferguson were there too.  I feel that it was a mixed blessing for them.  Filling up your bucket when chaos and trouble is so close to the door must have been so difficult.  I said many prayers for them while there.

I learned many things over the course of those two days.  I giggled internally at the speaker on the "quiet revolution", because I could completely relate.  I am a complete introvert, I am one of those people that could gladly live far from the chaos and distraction of the world and be quietly lost in it.  Then I laughed out loud when I thought about the people that I surround myself with... Hubby is a major extrovert, everything they said perfectly described him, he's the life of the party and creates one when none can be found.  My Brazil Buddy... same story... maybe that is what made us a great team.  I know it is what makes Hubby and I a great pair.  I am the calm to his storm, and he is the excitement to my stillness. We are yin and yang, the two parts to a whole.

It filled me up to hear about servant leadership.  To know that is the type of leadership that I personally thrive with and to pray that is the type of leadership I give.  This will require more reflection on my part, but it definitely impacted me.

As I was driving home listening to the news, I found it ironic that Rev. Al Sharpton, could have benefited from attending that summit.  That he might have learned many things.  He is definitely not a servant leader. The word reverend in front of his name a disservice to all it represents.

I have tired greatly of hearing all the "opinions" on Ferguson.  I am saddened when even people that are family and that I love are listening to the poison and making an assumption based on false information.  I am wondering how many times have I been guilty of that myself?  I am, or maybe I am not any longer... I was a self admitted news junkie... I felt incomplete without the entire story laid out before me.  I needed to follow it, suck it up and absorb it.

I don't watch as much any more, when we switched to Roku, it wasn't available.  Now we have cable back, but I haven't found time to re-immerse myself in it.  It's playing as I drift to sleep, but with the schedule I keep lately, I am fairly sure I see about two minutes, if that.

I am sure there are a few in the midst of the Ferguson mess that live there.  I am sure just like every community there are dead beats and slackers, those that want someone else to provide for their needs, that refuse to take responsibility for their lives, because we have made it too easy for them to do so.  I have many friends that live in that city, many others that I only know through other friends... and that description couldn't be further from the truth.

The people of Ferguson are not the ones you are hearing about, after all who wants to do a news story on the people that are cleaning it all up. That are trying very hard to preserve their community, to save it from the ones bound and determined to use it to make a political statement.  No one evidently.

I am tired of the media's agenda.  I am tired of failing to see the whole story, because it doesn't fit someone else's agenda.  Rev. Sharpton, and the hate groups he's brought with him, need to go away.  There was a tragedy.  And as it continues to unfold, there were lies told, and many other bits and pieces that were left untold.  No one was completely right, no one was completely wrong... (except possibly the little weasel of a friend that has lied continually and fed the flames of fury that are over running that city).

If the outside people would simply stop.  If the hate mongers would leave, if the people that are rushing in would allow the city to deal with this mess itself... Oh if only...

There are so many things wrong, the city needs a servant leader to help guide them.  The family needs prayers, not a weasel of an attorney looking for fame.  The time may come for an attorney.  The time may come for protests and conversations.  Now is not the time.  There are too many answers not known.  There has been too much chaos surrounding the situation to allow for the answers to be found.

It isn't just close to home that there is so much evil in the world.  I don't care what your religion is, as long as your religion does not harm others.  I find it hard to believe that any form of higher being would condone the death or destruction of any of it's creations.  So when atrocities are committed in the name of Allah or anyone one else... it frightens me.  Are we losing a critical battle that we are not paying attention to?  Is the evil in the world taking too deep of a root?

I can't solve the worlds problems.  I am but one small piece of humanity.  But I can lift it up in prayer, I can take it to my God and ask his intervention.  Imagine the power if all believers lifted the worries, trouble and strife of this world up to their God...

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