making plans...

Sitting on the deck, enjoying coffee in the early morning hours with Hubs...  Seems a perfect way to ease into a Sunday morning.  Listening to the chirps and songs of so many different birds.  It's so relaxing. 

We are enjoying our little mini-staycation.  It's a unique mix of to-do's that have been put off, long walks to keep us focused and motorcycle rides.  It was supposed to include a raft trip down one of the lazy rivers, although supposedly it is going to rain.  

I keep looking at the forecast, it's teasing us, I know.  Currently it is 68 and not a single cloud in the sky.  By this afternoon it was supposed to be storming.  Now... not a drop is forecast.  Sadly... There are other plans already made.  Although a leisurely motorcycle ride will happen!

Maybe an extra walk in a park somewhere. A short easy hike.  I completely love being in nature, so something like that very well might happen.

Hubs and I signed up for the Y Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP).  Neither of us are fans of any kind of medications and we are brutally aware that we are aging, maybe none to gracefully.  I will admit when he suggested it, I was... well lets go with less than thrilled.  I do not like to join groups.  And I did not feel like dealing with anything else. Although in the back of my mind, I knew he was right.  Family history of diabetes, too many unhealthy meals due to failures to plan, high stress levels at the time, and no time to work out.  Yep, we were both a walking billboard for developing type 2 diabetes.  Changes needed to happen.  

Besides he owes me another 30 years.  13 is not enough!

Three weeks later... it's becoming a routine and a welcome challenge.  We walked a full hour yesterday, several miles, it felt fantastic! The muscles were a bit offended by the extra challenge, mentally I was stoked. We are getting ready to go walk again today.  Once the heat breaks, we will start riding our bikes again, it's been years since we have seriously ridden.  I am looking forward to it, although I need to get my knee stronger before tackling that again. 

Last night while Hubs napped in his recliner I was focused on creating a menu for the next month.  I am hoping that having a prepared menu with everything planned out and prepped in advance will help this become a lifestyle instead of a task.  They say it takes 30 days to create a habit.  

The goal is to really focus on creating those habits in August.  Menu is almost made, grocery list is complete. Walks are semi-planned and I am seriously thinking of adding in some water aerobics or a bit of strength training. Not sure if I am ready for that, we'll see.  Definitely walking.

He and I both need to improve our health, stamina and energy to be able to soar through what this next year will bring. 

Well... the coffee has been drank, Hubs has finished both his cigar and episode of Fraiser, the boys have had their walk.  Now it is time for ours... we are off to the park.

Enjoy this blessed day...

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