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Today starts my fourth day off of work in a five day stretch.  It's been a break that has included deep thought and reflection.  Fun and game. Chores and rest.

We need to take the boys for their walk and get our own walk in.  Yesterday there was a light drizzling rain when we walked.  A splatter here and there.

This morning as there is an eerie red sunrise slightly illuminating the storm clouds lighting is flashing and thunder is rumbling.  It isn't a drizzle, its that heavy bone drenching kind of downpour.  I will walk if Hubs wants to, but it is not going to be a great experience.  I am leaning more towards going to the mall and walking there.

Although we still have to walk the boys.  Yep, Gator is going to love that! Not so much... He's currently curled up in bed, right where Daddy put him in the middle of the night when he wanted to cuddle mommy because of the storm.  He's 15, I don't think he is ever going to get over the trauma of being dumped in the streets.  Experiencing those dreadful storms up close and personal. It breaks my heart.

Hubs and I spent yesterday doing a little bit of everything! Kind of like we have done the last few days.  It's been great!

A rainy morning led to plenty of time to go for a walk, have a nice breakfast at home and work on that "to-do" list.

Finally found a new eye doctor, not a chain store.  What an incredible feeling.  It's the first time I have gone to an actual optometrist.  Not Sears, Pearle, American, Clarkson, Lenscrafters, etc.  I am not sure why we as a country have stopped doing that and gone to the chains.  It was awesome to see a man that took his time, explained everything, checked and double checked and cared about my vision. We were there for over two hours, yet we both felt that it was a valuable use of our time.

I was relieved to find out I wasn't losing my mind, that my eyes were weaker and that the horrible pain in my neck lately was because my glasses were not strong enough and I had been having to hold my head at odd angles to see.  My new contacts are fabulous!  So much so, that I am wondering if I will end up wearing them more than my glasses.  And this day use thing... FANTASTIC!  No more cases or solutions to worry about and keep track of.  Imagine that.

We were able to find a nice black suit to rent for Hubs, we are going to an elegant wedding on the 13th and we sure didn't want to have to buy one for him to shrink out of.  He's going to look so handsome!  Just trying on the fitting jacket... sleeves too long and all... he looked great!  I've never seen him in a full suit, complete with vest... I feel that I am in for a serious treat!

We did not manage to find any shoes for me to wear to the elegant wedding.  I'd bought a gorgeous dress.  It's from Lularoe... yep I might have a bit of an addiction.  And I felt it was perfect! Beautiful, black, simply fantastic.  Add a fancy necklace and heels and it is a perfect party dress.  Flat shoes and my usual heart necklace, maybe a light sweater and it's even more perfect for a day at the office.  What I didn't take into account is my stupid knees, ankles and feet.

I don't wear Birkenstocks because they are a fashion statement! Although I do have some absolutely fun and adorable ones.  I wear them because I have horrible feet.  Too many years of abuse, bad shoes, super high unstable arches, topped with arthritis... means cute shoes are no-no's.  I think I tried on thirty pair yesterday. Each and every one left me feeling a bit more down and depressed.

I want party shoes!   I want to dress up my pretty black dress with a pair of cute (not orthopedic) shoes. Maybe even a cute ankle bracelet.  I haven't quite given up, I have a couple more stores to try today.  Sadly, after yesterday's disappointments... my enthusiasm is greatly diminished.  Heck, I even bought pantyhose!  And those that know me, know I do NOT buy pantyhose... dreadful invention!

Not one to look at the glass half empty, or for that matter even half empty, I am more of "it's a glass, refill it" kind of gal.  I started thinking of alternatives, how could I even remotely compete with Hubs looking all dapper and debonair in that suit, when I couldn't even manage to put on a pair of fancy shoes? Well...  No one said the dress has to be knee length.  No one said that it had to be black.  Just elegant. So... I found a floor length in royal blue in the same style as that beautiful black dress!  Heck I might even get a pair of elbow length gloves and rock it like Princess Grace!

Today's shoe shopping is totally going to look different.  They can be low heels, okay, flat heels... as long as they are cute and don't hurt my feet it really won't matter at all! Victory shall be mine!

Life is full of complicated, I need to keep mine uncomplicated.

Today is more of the ordinary, I don't think a raft trip is meant to happen this week.  Maybe it's nature's way of encouraging me to wait until my grand daughter and I can go together.  Her little foot is still far too injured to even consider it.  I am not so sure that the planned motorcycle ride is going to happen either.  Although it is only 7 am, these clouds and storms could be heading east.

If I don't get to go for a ride, it's okay, there are plenty of chores and items on the to do list to keep me very busy!  In fact, some of those items actually need me to start working on them and stop spending so much time buzzing around on the back of that Harley.

Well, it's time to get back to doing the ordinary...

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