"those" people...

Not sure how it happened.  I called Hubs tonight on my way home from a meeting.  He was breathing rather heavily and my first thought was "oh no", in a slightly fear laced moment.  Seconds later it was an entirely different fear.

That turkey was working very hard on beating my step count!

Somehow we are morphing from people that come home, kick off our shoes and veg out.  To being quite competitve with each other. It's already bad enough that my short legs have to work twice as hard, and that his job is not a desk based job.  Those two things I cannot change.

But here he was getting in an extra 2000 steps while I was driving back and forth to work.

He is going to have to win this round.  I'm tired.

And over 16K steps is simply not bad. Especially when battling the sleep deficit of getting up in the middle of the night with the Neeko.

He and I had midnight med's last night.  Each time I see him I am even more amazed.  He still looked poofy and groggy last night, even though his walking was more steady and we got a short walk in.  Because everyone should get a chance to go strolling at midnight in their pj's with a big dog wearing the cone of shame.  Pretty darn amusing I might add.

He's on small meals.  So we are spending a lot of time feeding a very hungry boy little meals.

This morning, it was another change.  Most of the fluid build up is gone, he is looking like our Neeko again. He's wagging with his whole body, and desperately trying to convince us both to slide him a piece of chicken jerky.  Little goof ball.  He simply doesn't care that he has just had major stomach surgery, he can smell chicken!

Over the course of the day between taking the boys for walks and working, Hubs and I have been competing pretty strenously over who is going to have the most steps.  Walking in brutal 94 degrees and hating life.

It's really rather funny... somehow we've become "those" people!

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