the view...

This morning under a heavy blanket of deep velvet blue sky sprinkled with brilliant stars I went for my walk alone.  Hubs strained his ankle yesterday and didn't want to push it, probably a very smart choice.  I don't listen to music or other noise while I am walking.  I feel like I am absorbing energy from the sounds of nature. The crickets, cicadas and goodness knows what else chirping and chattering in the cool morning air.  An occassional bird speaks of its displeasure at my intrusion.

I chose to walk through our neighborhood, even though I do not really enjoy that huge hill, I simply felt safer. At 5:20 am it is awfully dark and quiet, only a few windows have light shining through and I realized this morning, that our subdivision is not well lit.  Shortly past my daughters house, while I was engrossed in watching a young deer grazing just up the road I was startled by a chiming sound behind me.

I've been reading in the news of the crazed idiot dressed as a clown trying to lure children into the woods, in that particularly dark stretch I was hesitant to turn.  As I did, I couldn't help but laugh.  My daughters cat Bella (my favorite of her babies) was running as fast as her little legs could carry her to catch up to me!  She is not particularly affectionate.  For all her beauty she is a sterotypical stand-offish cat.  Yet, every morning as we walk past she comes for her morning snuggle before jumping down and continuing with her daily cat routine.
the view...

As I put her down I noticed Milo (the youngest of her kitties) sitting up on the hill slightly hidden behind a tree.  Milo and I have never bonded, he always watches me closely, never coming close.  After Bella got her morning snuggles she decided she would simply watch me walk the rest of the way down and back.

As I cleared the top of the hill and proceeded to keep walking the silence was starting to be broken by distant engines and motorcycles.  As the sun was turning the sky a softer and softer shade of blue and blurring out the stars I saw more of my neighbors and heard fewer sounds of nature.  It was time to consider heading home.

I enjoy the peacefulness, a chance to settle my brain and to mellow out, I need it. My life is feeling more balanced.  I am not sure why.

The stress at work is still there, but different.  It's not the unknowing stress, it's the known and manageable kind.  The kind that gives you a growth challenge.

Home still has chaos, but I feel like the walk is balancing me.  I try very hard to never miss a single day. Although as I get stronger and move quicker and more, it's a bit harder to get all of my steps.

Each day I am more thankful that Hubs talked me into YDPP.  Each day I feel like I am gaining more and more control.  Instead of drifting along and letting life happen to me, I feel in control.  Even with the strain of this past week... it still feels controlable.
thanks mom

It's been just over a week.  A week ago I brought the silly boy home.  Groggy, unstable, weak and poofy. Drooling on himself due to strong pain medications.

For a week Hubs and I have modified our home, our lives, our sleeping arrangements, and definitely our budget.

And... we couldn't be happier.

Only a few more days of sleeping in the recliner to keep him calm and from doing whatever is needed to be with his family.  A few more days of medication schedules ruling our lives.  A few more days of being picky about the treats that he is given. A few short days longer to be injured with the cone of shame.

My pig... mine!

Just over a week ago, we didn't know if we would have him as part of our lives any longer.  We thought he was heading for the rainbow bridge.  Now he's scurrying through the house, the cone more of a weapon or bull dozing tool.  He's walking happily through the house his green pig, squeaking it as he goes.  He's chased his tennis balls and is back to walking his normal walks.

my view each morning...

I am so grateful for the prayers and well wishes.  The Neeks is back.

Today is a million years away from last Saturday.  Last Saturday I was bummed out.  Hubs was heading out on the motorcycle yet again (it's only been over a month since I've been on a ride) to help at an event.  I was rushing around cleaning and sanitizing the house to bring Neeko home.  Worry, fear and okay... jealousy were all tugging heavily at my heart.

Today, I am getting ready to go run a few errands while we wait for the temperature to hit 70.  I will pack us a healthy picnic lunch and we will be able to spend a few hours enjoying the sunshine, the cool temps the wind in our faces.  Hopefully we will go somewhere that we can get a good little walk or hike in to enjoy the day.

Whatever you are doing, be grateful for the day.  You woke up, you get a clean slate every day!

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