Listening to the rythmic snoring in the house today, it's so hard to even remotely believe the last few days have even happened.

Gator is curled up on his favorite sofa in the fireplace room.  His snores are the loudest.  The Neeko is finally home, and despite all the work I put into insuring that the front living room was perfect for him to rest and recouperate, he is stretched out in the dining room in his favorite spot.

All I can say is thank goodness for Oxy Clean, because his incision is still leaking quite a bit. And as it's his tummy, there simply isn't a good way to keep that from happening.

Thursday night and most of yesterday were pretty darn stressful.  But that little furball is one tough cookie. He's not even 36 hours post surgery and he all put pulled me out of the vet's office. He'd had enough of their hospitality I guess.

Heck he even removed his own IV this morning.  I am sure that was quite a sight to see.  Determined little poop.

I have to keep an eye on him, he's got a bit of a fever, but they weren't overly worried considering he'd just had major abdominal surgery.  The bigger task is making sure he says calm and still.  We have to give the sutures time to heal, to insure that tummy stays tacked to his ribs and never again flips.

I will admit that for someone that hates to have their face licked, when he rushed in the room today and ran that tongue all the way up my face... I wanted to cry tears of joy.  Every time I've seen him since Thursday night he has been that much better.

I had planned to be at the Veteran's event with Hubs.  BBQ and prizes to raise money for the Veteran's at the Jefferson County Y, reality check is they didn't need me as much as Neeko did.  And I don't regret the decision at all.  I think being home is making him a happy little guy.

He immediately came in, had himself a light lunch and proceeded curl up and nap.  After he marked the entire front yard, absolutely cannot let another dog mark his yard.  Geez!

So while Hubs is out doing something so important, after all he's a Vet himself, I am home catching up.

I've been a bit busy with work and with making time for my workouts, so maybe I haven't been doing an awesome job as a housewife lately.

I figured I'd take the opportunity to catch up while watching our big boy today.  Laundry is almost done. Ironing, not even started. Groceries, purchased and put away.  Dinner, cooking in the crock pot, corn and cauliflower soup - to be served with sauted cod and a salad. Floors swept, vacuumed and mopped, although, I will be doing this one repeatedly over the next few days I am sure.

And for just a moment.  I am resting.

Last night the emotional exhaustion took a firm grip on me and I was sound asleep by 7:30 pm, I just could not function.  Today, I've been rushing around like I have an endless supply of energy.  If my back and feet weren't screaming for a break, I'd still be going strong.

In a few moments I will get back to finishing chores, doing some meal planning for the coming week, and making myself a big chart so I can remember when to give Neeko each of his medications.  It's going to be a bit of a complicated couple of weeks.  And I am fairly certain between hubs and I we are going to be having a lot of choppy days so that he gets all his meds on time.

I'm just enjoying watching the big guy resting peacefully at home.  It has to feel good to be home.  He's a lumpy, bumpy fellow today, they had to insure he had enough fluids in him.  So he's looking a bit like a camel. It will subside and absorb.  Soon he won't look so post surgery puffy.  He will look like our sweet Neeko again.

Thank you all for your prayers.  I am so thankful that God didn't decide it was time for him to cross the rainbow bridge.  We needed more time with him.

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