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I love the sound and smell of a fresh pot of coffee brewing.  Morning almost does not feel right without it.

I hurried and let the boys our for a bit this morning, Hubs was still asleep when I got up and I don't always (read ever) enjoy walking them in the wee hours alone.  Especially when the sky is that inky black, the kind that doesn't even really illuminate the stars.

I ran out of sleep.  I hate when that happens. Although I have sort of power slept my way through the weekend so it is to be expected.  I had a few short nights, which my fit-bit is always eager to point out, and they simply caught up.  Not only did I get an 8 hour night, I also took a two hour nap, and was still sound asleep by 8 pm last night.  Exhaustion is mean.

But a 4 am wake up is not so fun either, especially on a Sunday. Sunday's are not supposed to be rush days. Sunday's are for lazy sleeping in, no alarms, rest and peacefulness.  My brain had different ideas.  So after the boys and I wandered outside under the odd yellow glow of the street light, I started the coffee and treated my babies.

Hubs and I are toying with going for a bike ride this morning instead of a walk.  Is it sad that I feel we need to walk at least 30 minutes so I get credit on my fit-bit?  I don't like to compete against others, but I am crazy competitive against myself.  I was so proud to actually get all five lines on my tracking this past week.

Insane, I know.   I only have a fit-bit flex, so it will not record my bike ride.  Only my walks as I do not run. Shoot, walks are almost more than my poor little foot can take.  I need to go get it looked at, but I am afraid it will mean I can't walk, and I am not prepared for that. I feel like a walking disaster!  Hills are a no-no for the left knee, and pretty much everything bothers the right foot.  And yet, I keep walking!

After we get our daily dose of exercise, I believe I shall pack us a picnic lunch, maybe make a batch of the Sesame Cold Noodles (with zucchini noodles).  I've been seriously wanting to try those.  They look so tempting.  I am completely in love with zucchini noodles and I'm possibly becoming obsessive trying to find new ways to eat them.  And maybe make some hummus to serve with veggies.  Load up the saddle bags with a couple of bottles of water, a blanket to sit on and have the Hubs drive us somewhere for a nice relaxing day.  My book of small hidden spots in Missouri has one listed that is on a cliff overlooking a river... where did I put that book...

It's been such a busy, crazy two weeks that I think I would enjoy to wipe my brain clear and focus on beauty.  It's supposed to be a mild day for early August.  Anytime the high is only mid-80's in August that is extremely mild.  No rain is forecast, another shocker, considering it's rained almost daily this month.  Seems like a perfect way to reset for the coming week.

Yesterday was our sweet grand baby's 10th birthday!  Where has time gone? We usually go out together on the 5th to celebrate together, as mine is the 4th and her's is the 6th.  But this year was a bit nutty.  So I was so thankful when we got to have a late lunch together yesterday.  My sweet little cherub is growing up so fast!

I remember 10, it's probably the first birthday I do remember, note to all children everywhere... just because you love liver and onions does not mean your friends will.  Thank you mom for being far smarter than 10 year old me and insisting we also served mini-pizza's at my 10th birthday party.  Whew and I wonder why I was so socially awkward.  Might explain why I don't eat liver and onions anymore also!

My grand baby is so much smarter and cooler than I was.  She held her birthday party at SkyZone.  And honestly, if my foot had not been hurting, I might have been willing to give it a try, it looked so fun! She and 14 of her closest friends were drenched in sweat, smiling from ear to ear, running around and laughing.  I had been worried her poor little injured foot would not be able to handle it.  It did.  Although it might ache today.

After two hours of extreme exercise and fun the birthday girl, her two besties and mom joined Hubs and I at Red Robin for a late lunch and a bit of birthday singing!  I sure do love that kiddo!  She has the coolest mom ever!  I know she didn't learn it from me.

Gramps and I were not going to attend the SkyZone party, just spend time with her either before or after. She had other thoughts. When I pointed out to her "what 10 year old wants old people around" her answer was a very loud "ME".  She was scolding us over the phone.

I didn't think our gift was going to be cool enough for her party.  I knew it was what she'd asked for, but again, she's 10, and it's kind of "old-fashioned".  Who knew how excited she would be!  Hubs and I found a pretty box and made her a sewing basket.  Two different flannels, a pattern for sleep pants, thread, needles, elastic, pins, scissors and a pin cushion.  She loves to create her own clothes.  She'd asked me for a sewing machine, but as we had already bought mom one that has never been used, I felt we should wait on that.

I am sure that I will be getting a call when her besties go home.  Wanting some time on the sewing machine. I am equally sure that she is going to want me to show her how to use mom's machine.  Maybe by Christmas time we will buy her a sewing machine of her own. Or she will simply steal mom's.

She's 10 now, not a little girl, not a grown one either.  She's a tween.  There will be days spent being a little girl and other's spent being a teen.  She's already got more self confidence than most grown women, so watching her discover her future self is going to be a blast!

Well the sun has risen. Coffee is cold.  It's time to lace up my walking shoes and get ready to go.  Cool breezes and sunshine await.

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