Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I'm meltingggg... or at least it sure feels that way.  The temperature may only be 75, but I am fairly positive the humidity is well over 90%. Gross!

After coaxing the old guy out for a walk, I decided I would tackle my own walk.  I am determined to make it five times a week minimum.  Maybe that little challenge from my fit-bit is starting to get to me... Every week it reminds me that I didn't quite make it... better luck next week.  Digging into my brain.  Who needs a personal trainer when your electronic devices will scold you continually.  Better question is why am I listening to it!

Even though it was humid and damp out it was peaceful and I was even treated to a visit by three precious little fawns.  They even allowed me a few pictures.  They are fairly brave as they didn't even attempt to run back to where mom was hiding until I was a few feet away on the road.  One of our neighbors was attacked by a mom, so I made sure I kept my distance.  Zoom lenses are great!

Hubs had to be at work for a meeting this morning.  It was supposed to be our last day of vacation together... but life sometimes happens.  I should have left the little old guy in the house this morning when he went for his walk.  It was raining, but I am sure it was much cooler.  Gator isn't about to walk in the rain, so I let him come back inside.  Hubs and Neeko powered through the entire mile and a half in the rain.  Although, Hubs got a reality check.  The Neek's was dragging a bit on the last half mile.  He's almost 10, most days you forget he's such a puppy, but today he sure slowed down on the last bit of the walk.

I'm puttering around the house this morning while he works.  Cleaning out cabinets, doing laundry, planning menu's for the balance of the week, mopping, dusting... wow, sure sounded domestic for a moment there. Sometimes as I am surrounded by a week of dropped bags, mail piles, puppy fur and piles of laundry I feel overwhelmed.  Like somewhere along the line I became a horrible housewife.  The 1950's version of me often clashes with the 2016 version.

Deep inside I long to do things like this all the time 24/7.  I am not sure if it is leftover from growing up or an actual desire.  Then I have a few minutes, and that is all it takes, with my co-workers and our members, and I don't miss it so much.  My natural care-taker introverted self realizes that I thrive with those people. Maybe Hub's extroverted self is rubbing off on me...

Ummm... maybe not.  I am fairly positive that I am never going to be an extrovert.

I might just be enjoying this silence a bit much.  Gator's soft snores punctuated by the fountain in the turtle aquarium sounds like a symphony to my ears.  I cherish this kind of peacefulness.  It helps me recharge.

Tomorrow I will head back to work for two days.  I feel after a break a short week is going to feel pretty nice.  Smooth way to ease back into it. I've had time to unwind and relax, I feel refreshed.

For the balance of today, I am going to focus on the home front.  I might even do a bit of work on a couple of my craft projects.  And I know I am going to do more cooking.  I have to admit my spiralizer that Hubs got me for my birthday (yes I know it was early - but I needed play time, ask him, he'll tell you!) makes it a joy to fix some really yummy meals.  And the fact that they are healthy... bonus!

Well... I feel like I have spent far too much time sitting still... my to do list is simply not going to do itself...