Sunday, August 21, 2016

looking for happiness...

There was a fabulous crispness to the air this morning!  A few random leaves have started to fall.  You can almost smell the end of summer.  Hubs and I walked the boys before the sun even came up.  It was clear, with a bright moon, and slightly cold.  Getting them home posed a serious challenge.  Both of them love the cooler weather and were more than happy to walk super slow to savor every moment.

Shortly after we managed to get them home, we headed to the park to walk.  He hadn't been there yet and I was excited to share the beauty of it with him.  He's in a bit of a funk and I was hoping all that beauty would energize him.  Maybe bring some joy back into his life.  I can't say the walk worked, he's still a bit down. But I sure did see him smile a few times, mostly at the pups being walked by their owners.

I understand what has him down, I completely get it!  I was there myself not too long ago.  I remember wanting to come home, fix an adult beverage and question what I was doing.  Wondering how long I was going to go before I simply lost my mind! I was close, I was teetering on a very sharp edge.  I understand.

I don't know how to fix it.  I don't know that I can.

I guess right now all I can do is encourage him to look for his silver lining, plan for peace and ways to burn stress and move forward.

I know the feelings he is battling are wearing him down and making him tired.  Like I said, not too long ago I was walking in those same shoes. I remember the need to sleep untold hours. Now, I find that I am excited about so many things that I need more sleep and I am bad about getting it.

It's amazing the change little things can do for you.  The smallest positive chance can cause a landslide of positive change.  It's sort of like a tiny snowball that starts rolling, before long it is huge and then it is an avalache in the right setting. I'm praying for that snowball for him.  For an avalanche of goodness.   He deserves it.

He is the kindest, most giving man.  I hate when he is sad and unhappy, I hate when life beats him up.

Although I love the sparkle that being with the grands puts in his eyes!  Grandson #2 has been hanging with us a lot the past few days.  As he and gramps decided to make a run for th custard shop this evening, I could see the love that comes so naturally for him. My heart soared. Feeding the pups the leftover custard, you see that sparkle again.

I can't wait to see it all the time.  I know its in there...

Until then I will just love that silly guy and do everything in my power to bring sunshine back full time.