I was so proud of the people of Watertown and the surrounding areas last night.  After a horrid 5 days, after almost 24 hours of terror. Being asked to stay in their homes, to not open their doors, to not open their businesses.  Being asked to simply trust the police, the FBI, and host of others to simply put their trust and faith in strangers.

Those people listened, even though one of their own was killed at MIT, during the mad dash of the young men throwing explosives as they went through Harvard, MIT and surrounding communities.  The fear factor was most likely very high.  I remember after 9/11, living on a military base right outside of a huge international airport, I remember threat con Delta.  It was scary, the feeling of no control, of having to trust the unknown to keep you safe.

And yet they honored the request.

I am thankful the young man is in custody, sad that he made the choices he's made.  I am so happy for the people of Massachusetts.  The horror visited on them was unimaginable, and the reason cannot be comprehended.  Yet last night, as those hundreds of men and women in various uniforms were standing down, lowering their guard and heading out, the applause and cheers that sent them on their way, made my heart sing.

Americans are a resilient people. We may not agree on many things, that is the beauty of this country, we have the right to not agree. But we bond together very quickly when danger and trouble is near.  We are at our very core Americans! We make stupid mistakes, we allow ourselves to be led astray.  We don't walk in lock step, we don't vote the same, we don't worship the same, we revel in the very things that make us different.  We will argue with each other.  But don't let an outsider, don't someone that goes against the very core of what makes us American's hurt any of us.

I was proud of my adopted hometown area this morning.  As I was watching the news this morning Scott Trade Center was shown last night.  As the folks of the St. Louis Metro East erupted in cheers at the news that the terror Massachusetts had endured all week at the hands of  mere kids was over! I was proud that for a moment, we were simply all Americans, cheering that a part of our family was out of distress and moving back towards safety.

I worry, maybe its the military brat in me, that we will simply relax and not be aware all too quickly.  I hate that I am fearful, and yet I am very thankful to the military for helping me to be fearful.  I am not silly enough think this is the last time, I do not think it will always be outsiders, I do not believe we are ever truly safe.

But I have faith in America, I have faith that God has a plan for all of us, and I have faith that anything worth having is definitely worth the struggle to have.  Our freedoms and oneness despite our differences is one of those things.  I hope these young men and their actions will not cause us to become unwelcoming to those from other lands coming here searching for the same dreams that brought our families here.

I am proud of my country, despite her flaws, she is home to a strong and proud people!  I am very proud of all those who defend her, both at home and abroad! I am proud of the strength that will help all those harmed and injured to move forward and heal.

Now we just need to remember the fear, because it will help us be more vigilant and maybe prevent this from happening again.

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