Monday, I want to break up!

Monday... ugghhh... today it equals exhaustion.  I am trying to trick myself into having some energy.  So far I managed to clean the turtle aquarium, get the last batch of deer jerky I am making for a friend going and a bit of ironing.  I have read my cousin's blog, she writes a great one that usually motivates me... today it just made me feel guilty, I don't want to be energetic and perky.

I didn't sleep well.  I was so excited about finally working on a quilt on my Juki, that I just couldn't relax, could have probably stayed up all night quilting. 

Cup of herbal tea and some reading didn't help. 

Then my daughter was dealing with an issue and called for moral support. There is nothing worse than not being able to help solve an issue of that magnitude.  Knowing that the situation was wrong, knowing it was a child that desperately needed help, knowing that the police made a bad decision to avoid dealing with a problem.  It's absolutely heart wrenching.  The mom in me wanted to make it all better, the human in me wanted to hurt someone!

Spring time stuffiness made falling asleep that much harder.

I gave up at 2 am.  It was just not going to be a restful night.  Hubby had set the thermostat to keep the house at 70.  Perfect when I am in the basement working, not perfect when I am trying to sleep with hubby, two dogs and even one of the cats wrapped around my legs.  Even the old dog woke up complaining, panting in my face to show his displeasure. 

The world is not fun at 2 am.  I am just stating that fact.  I let the big dog outside for a run, looked around my kitchen and decided the sofa might work.  Ugghhhh... next sofa I am test sleeping on before we buy it, I can assure you it is not a cozy, comfy napping sofa.  How hubby does it I will never know. 

Laying there trying to shut up my brain, I realized that while the brain wanted to get back to the quilt, the body wanted sleep.  The issues of the world could not be solved at 2 am and I slowly fell back asleep.  Only to be awakened what felt like minutes later by the alarm at 5 am. 

It's frustrating when you can't let go of the day. 

Monday... I don't think we will be friends today.  I am fairly certain of that.

Since I have a morning to myself, I will slip downstairs, turn on a show and do some quilting.

Coffee - check

Laptop - check

Quilting time!

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