love, trust, loyalty and heart

Ugghhh, yesterday was tough.  Today is not off to a promising start... but last night I just felt so loved.  I don't know why everyone does not have at least a few fur babies.

Last night, after a couple of pain pills, I simply was not doing great, me + pain pills = pathetic!  So I simply gave up and went to bed.  My old guy crawled in with me right away - he always does.  He is my baby!  The big guy is not usually one to push his way in.  He had a rough start to life, and is often a bit skittish about being confined or closed in, he needs his escape routes. 

I was incredibly surprised when all the sudden he jumps up and slides himself, made as small as can be into the space between hubby and I.  He must have known somehow that mommy was not feeling great, because he was so gentle, and our big boy is not graceful.  Gentle as a little bitty kitty, he slid in and put his big , sweet head under my pillow.  The slightest motions in the world and he softly licked the side of my face that was hurting, then he laid there as still as can be.  While Gator can lay still for hours, Neeko just doesn't usually have the ability, he is like a two year old... really wants to but simply can't.  Last night he laid there for probably a good 5 minutes, just gently nuzzling me.  Then he finally gave up it was just too much, and just as gently as he climbed in he stepped over me out of the bed. 

He eventually climbed back in and slept most of the night at my feet.  Gator was closer, no one gets to sleep as close as Gator.  That kind of love, is unbelievable.  It makes you feel special and cherished. 

As I sit here and listen to the news they just covered that the Illinois House is trying to pass a bill to protect you if you buy a pet that is ill or dies.  They said you will be able to simply return the animal to the store to get another one, at no additional cost.  WHAT??   I'm sorry, but if you have the ability to simply return the dead animal, then in my opinion you have no reason to buy a pet in the first place!  Your first mistake is buying a pet from a pet store. They are almost always supplied by puppy mills.  And there are millions across this nation that are dying in shelters waiting for a forever home!  Your second mistake is being cold enough to think that kind of love can be bought and exchanged like a pair a pants that don't fit. 

No thank you!  I will keep the love that was given so freely, the trust that was earned and I will cherish that loyalty and heart until it's time for them to run to the rainbow bridge to wait for me.  But I will not ever think I can buy any of that!!

As I lay down this morning to catch a bit more sleep to counteract this medicine before work today, I know that my fur babies will be there snuggling their mommy!  I hope they know how much I love them too... although I don't believe I will be licking either of their faces to prove it.

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